AI creates new opportunities for Vietnam’s investment industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a figment of our minds or a work of fiction; it is all around us whether we notice it or not. Over the past few decades, it has grown tremendously across the globe in the digital age.

AI has the potential to revolutionize the economy. Vietnam is well-positioned to benefit and become a leader, both in terms of development and application.

AI technologies are being employed in the financial sector to detect fraud, improve customer service, and speed up transactions. Banks and financial institutions are already utilizing AI-powered chatbots to provide 24/7 service and answer client concerns, lowering wait times and increasing customer satisfaction. AI systems can also be used to analyze data and make investment decisions, providing financial firms with improved returns.

AI-powered fraud detection systems are becoming increasingly popular, assisting in the improvement of security and the prevention of financial crimes. With the development of AI-powered financial advisors and the use of AI to assess market trends and make investment decisions, Artificial Intelligence in Vietnam is projected to play an even larger role in the financial industry in the future.

In the just-passed Vietnamese Lunar New Year of 2024, a new company emerged in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – KTB Invest, fully named KTB INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED, in Vietnamese: CÔNG TY TNHH ĐẦU TƯ QUỐC TẾ KTB. It’s an investment firm focusing on AI applications in the financial investment industry and the development of big data applications for US stocks.

Some may doubt whether Vietnamese entrepreneurs truly possess the capability to lead in the global arena in applying AI to investing in the US stock market. Undoubtedly, the US remains the most mature country in applying AI in the financial industry. However, upon delving deeper into KTB Invest, we discover that the company’s core team, basic framework, and technological core are all deeply influenced by the US.

KTB Invest Core Team

CEO: Lin Chun Feng (Born November 23, 1970) from Changhua County, Taiwan, a Taiwanese entrepreneur. Graduated from the Department of Economics at National Taiwan University in 1993 with a perfect score in all subjects, then pursued further studies in developed Asian economies such as Japan and South Korea, graduating from Korea University in 1996. In 1997, he was awarded a Taiwanese governmental slot for doctoral studies at Harvard Business School and went to Harvard to pursue his education. In 2003, he earned a doctoral degree in economics from Harvard University.

In 2004, he served as Managing Partner for Southeast Asia at InveStar Capital, Inc.; in 2009, he became a partner at KTB Investment Group in the Asia-Pacific region. Since 2015, he has been based in the United States, acted as an advisor to some of the top American venture capital firms on investments in the Asia-Pacific region, and also serving as a representative for KTB’s US stock investments. During his time in the US, he came into contact with entrepreneurial teams using AI and Big Data in financial investments. In 2019, he began collaborating with Mr. Bui Anh Tu (Vietnamese) who led a team specializing in AI and Big Data investment applications in the US stock market.

CTO: Bui Anh Tu, male, born in 1985, graduated in computer science from Hanoi University of Science and Technology in 2003. He obtained his master’s degree in mathematics and computer science from Stanford University, USA, in 2006, under the guidance of Professor Stephen P. Boyd. Leveraging his technical expertise, Bui Anh Tu gained attention from numerous venture capital firms in the US. As a practitioner in the application of computer technology and artificial intelligence in the investment field, he has been contemplating how to utilize AI and big data in investing in the US stock market. In 2018, he participated in and co-founded an AI technology platform tailored for Vietnamese investors in US stocks.

After deep engagement and collaboration with Lin Chun Feng in 2019, the two jointly established the KTB Invest brand. After nearly four years of preparation, KTB International Investment Company Limited was founded in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on January 2, 2024.

The basic framework and technological core of KTB Invest

It is certain that KTB Invest’s business framework and technological core not only rely on AI and big data but also the professional investment team in US stock investment has built a unique KTB Invest large-scale model based on their years of financial investment experience and seasoned, professional investment data. The large-scale model refers to a machine learning model with a large number of parameters and a complex computational structure. Based on this large-scale model, its 7*24 AI can perform like an invincible money-making machine. The large-scale model is strictly confidential to the outside world as expected. Perhaps, we can only wait and see the historical performance data that KTB Invest is about to write in the Vietnamese market, and then deduce the strength of the KTB large-scale model from it.

Basic Products

The technical and financial team of KTB Invest has developed and tested the US ETFs Tracking Fund (Quỹ theo dõi ETFs Hoa Kỳ) based on its big data model, and is currently urgently developing other US stock fund products based on the KTB Invest large-scale model.

Corporate Vision

Allowing the Vietnamese investment market and Vietnamese individual investors to use AI financial services and have zero-distance access to US stock derivative financial products at home can be considered another major boon for the Vietnamese investment community. In Vietnamese, KTB Invest means using K = kiến thức (Knowledge) and T = Trí Tuệ (Artificial Intelligence) to create B = Bền Vững (Lasting benefit) for clients.

Security Assurance 

To ensure investors’ trust in investment advisory companies under traditional mode of thinking, KTB Invest will establish its corporate credibility foundation in the Vietnamese market through a dual guarantee model of corporate deposit guarantee and personal guarantee by the legal representative. It is understood that KTB Invest and its legal representative, Mr. Lin Chun Feng, have jointly deposited $20 million with J.P. Morgan Chase Asia Pacific Bank as business guarantee funds, certified by the Vietnamese Consulate General in Hong Kong. It is believed that with this guarantee in place, the trust foundation of Vietnamese traditional investors in AI intelligent investment in US stocks can be solidified.

It is known that KTB Invest’s AI fund products have achieved a consecutive rate of return exceeding 15% for 36 months during the testing phase. This remarkable feat has so far only been disclosed to a fraction of stakeholders in the US AI and financial industries. It is believed that in the near future, when the reality of sustained and stable profits for Vietnamese investors becomes widely known in the international investment community, KTB Invest’s astonishing data will once again shock the AI and financial industries.

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