Author Ruth Lindeck Forman Brings a Lifetime of Wisdom in Her Inspiring Book “Soul to Soul: Connection and Communication”

As a trained speech and hearing expert, Ruth presents eloquent vignettes, probing questions, and comforting guidance born of her lifetime commitment to promoting effective communication and empathetic listening.

Esteemed communication expert and philanthropist Ruth Lindeck Forman’s latest work, “Soul to Soul: Connection and Communication,” now available in leading digital bookstores globally, offers a transformative exploration into positive, mindful, and compelling personal and intercultural communication in the 21st century.

In this book, Ruth navigates readers through enlightening and light-hearted conversations, using anecdotes that enhance, inspire, and uplift, promoting well-being, civility, and inclusion. The experience is anchored on scientific principles, woven with connections to nature, and addresses critical socio-political issues such as racism and diversity.

“Soul to Soul: Connection and Communication” is divided into four sections: “Soul to Soul Connection,” “Soul to Soul Communication,” “Soul to Soul Intercultural Communication,” and an “Appendix.” Each section is meticulously crafted to guide readers toward enhancing self-insight and confidence, exploring inspiring models for friendship, harmony, and rapport, and improving understanding through the embrace of spiritual affection.

The book serves as a roadmap for advancing collaboration, connection, and trust, offering pathways for readers to navigate personal and virtual communication with insight, power, and practicality.

Ruth shares her vision for the book, saying, “The goal is to create a positive communication environment that invites others to enter and benefits you. As minor to major crises arise or days seem to unravel, ‘Soul to Soul Connection and Communication’ serves as a valuable lifelong guide. Therefore, decency, gratitude, harmony, and inclusion are natural and positive consequences of a diverse human race whose members communicate comfortably, mindfully, and source-connected with each other.” 

In a review on Amazon, Haley, one of the readers, said Ruth’s labor of love is a fantastic book that will transform how people view themselves, others, and the world.

“Go on a journey with yourself to learn about your communication strengths and areas where you can improve. Ruth teaches you how to analyze your past to uncover traumas that affect how you communicate with others and yourself. I’ve learned so much about myself and am so blessed to have discovered this book,” wrote Haley.

Yolanda, another reader, said “Soul to Soul: Connection and Communication” is an outstanding guidebook for enriching hope and joy in life for all.

“Seekers of optimism, passion, compassion, and comfort will find Forman’s book a treasure trove of wisdom seasoned with heartfelt caring and love,” wrote Yolanda.

Those who want to grab a copy of “Soul to Soul: Connection and Communication” may purchase it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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