Reed Diffuser Stick – Rattan Stick Mass Production Process

Ningbo Jingyan Trading Co., Ltd. is the biggest and most professional manufacturer & exporter of rattan reed sticks in China. Our rattan reed stick are made of premium quality rattan material, all natural rattan reeds responsibly harvested and sourced from Indonesia. Each rattan diffuser stick is precision cut to avoid crushing the channels that carry the solution up to the top and ensure people’s get a great fragrance throw. Today, let to show how rattan stick is produced.


1. Material Choose

High quality products always start with high quality raw materials. Jingyan only import premium quality raw rattan poles from Indonesia, the region where the best rattan material in the world originates. The moderate density of Indonesia rattan affords the excellent diffusion performance. In comparison, Vietnamese vine or Malaysian vine has poor spreading properties due to low density (Vietnam rattan) and high density (Malaysia rattan).

2. Material Handling

The raw materials need to be peeled – generally speaking, the raw materials Jingyan purchase have been processed in this step. 

3. Cut the rattan stick according to the customer’s size. 

The cutting machine will be adjusted according to the customer’s size to ensure that the size of the rattan is accurate. Our factory have 8 cutting machines. Jingyan can cut about 1500kgs a day. For example, if the size is 3mm*20cm, Jingyan can cut about 2 million pieces a day. 

4. Dyeing

If the customer need black or brown rattan stick, then Jingyanwill dye it in this step. In this step, the cut rattan stick will be boiled in fuel.

5. Drying

In this step, the cut rattan reeds will be dry by machine. To ensure the humidity of the rattan stick at 11-13 degrees.

6. Microwave Sterilization

After that, it is heated in a microwave device to kill the moths and eggs inside the rattan. 


7. Package:

Packed the stick according to customer’s requirements. Such as opp bag, ribbon bow packing, rubber band pack, paper box packing etc.

In the last step, the produced rattan stick will be put into the export carton. And a big opp bag will be placed in the carton, then some desiccant will be put into bag to avoid the moldy condition.

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