Personalized longevity company Qyral launches prescription hair loss products.

Personalized longevity company Qyral launches prescription hair loss products.
Qyral launches personalized hair loss treatments designed to accelerate hair growth and reduce hair loss.

Qyral, a leader in personalized longevity and healthcare solutions, announced their launch into the prescription hair loss space with two new medications: Revive: Oral Rx Hair Regrowth Treatment (oral capsule) and Revive: Topical Rx Hair Regrowth Treatment (topical serum).

At the heart of Qyral’s approach lies its commitment to personalization. Customers begin by completing a detailed hair loss quiz. From there, a team of board-certified dermatologists meticulously reviews the quiz results, prescribing personalized formulas tailored to each individual’s specific needs and goals. Each ingredient in the personalized formulation is science-backed and clinically proven to address hair loss and other hair loss-related concerns. Through a seamless integration of technology and medical expertise, Qyral is empowering its customers to address their hair loss concerns with precision and efficacy.

“We believe that everyone deserves a personalized approach to healthcare, and that includes hair loss treatment,” says Hanieh Sigari, Founder and CEO of Qyral. “With Revive, we wanted to leverage our core competencies of telehealth and personalization to find a way to help individuals take control of their hair health like never before.” As Qyral continues to expand its offerings, Sigari and the Qyral team remain committed to providing unparalleled solutions backed by medical expertise that help individuals age well and live well.

To try Revive: Oral or Revive: Topical, individuals can visit and complete the hair quiz to start the process. After a doctor reviews the information, they may prescribe a formula personalized for the patient, and the prescription will be delivered directly to the patient’s door.

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Qyral was founded in 2019 with the mission of helping people age well and live well. Since then, Qyral has grown to a personalized longevity company that offers prescription and non-prescription dermatology and weight management solutions. For more information about Qyral, visit

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