New Virtual Community Space for ELEV8ORS Developed by Welo: A Revolutionary Step Towards Collaborative Business Growth

ELEV8ORS and Welo forge a revolutionary virtual space for business growth.


ELEV8ORS, the dynamic community of business professionals co-founded by Francesca Kenney and Brian Keltner, has joined forces with Welo, led by co-founder Cliff Pollan, to unveil a cutting-edge virtual community space. This initiative marks a pivotal move towards fostering collaborative business growth and transforming online interactions into tangible success stories.

The newly developed virtual community space represents ELEV8ORS’ unwavering commitment to building a vibrant collective where genuine connections thrive, echoing the ethos of their community. This ground-breaking platform sets a new standard for remote gatherings, replicating the essence of in-person interactions with a unique and inviting design.

Key features of the virtual space include a hospitality entrance, branded meeting spaces for small business interactions, an outdoor area with a fire pit, and a park-like atmosphere. Inside, members can engage in the ‘High-Octave Café,’ offering virtual coffee and spirits, along with a game room for recreational activities. For larger gatherings, a theatre with horseshoe-shaped seating is available, complemented by versatile training rooms around an Infinity Pond, featuring the iconic infinity sign-shaped pond.

Cliff Pollan, co-founder of Welo, expressed his excitement about the partnership: “Working with Francesca and Brian to create this space has been an exciting journey. We share a common vision of bringing community into the business world. This space is not just about providing a virtual meeting place; it’s about fostering meaningful connections, collaboration, and community growth.”

This innovative virtual platform is poised to revolutionize how ELEV8ORS members network, train, and build relationships. It encapsulates the organization’s philosophy of transforming individual interactions into widespread community success. In this digital space, competition takes a backseat to collaboration, and every connection has the potential to unlock a world of opportunity.


ELEV8ORS is a thriving community of business professionals committed to relationship-driven growth. The organization believes in the power of referrals, the value of a strategic network, and the impact of a vibrant collective.

About Welo:

Welo stands as a leading provider of virtual spaces, crafting inviting and easy-to-navigate virtual environments that authentically replicate real places. The organization is dedicated to the power of connection and the importance of providing communities with a space to thrive.

This strategic collaboration serves three primary purposes: building digital reputation, growing the ELEV8ORS community, and fostering strong relations with Welo. 

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