6 Essential Skills Every Mobile App Developer Must Have in 2024

Launching a mobile app will be a huge investment for individuals and businesses waiting to offer their services or introduce an innovative idea to the digital world. The mobile app industry is accelerating at a steady rate, and so is the demand for app developers. People nowadays don’t want anything basic. Users are looking for modern apps that are great on aesthetics and are extremely easy to use. 

If you’re a beginner and want to know what essential skills you require to become a successful app developer, then here are six skills you definitely need. But if you’re a business in the process of choosing the best mobile application development company in Dubai to launch a new app, then here are six skills you should look out for in the team.

App Developer Skills You Must Have in 2024

1. Various Programming Languages

The world is moving at a rapid rate. We may not have flying cars yet, but the amount of things technology and mobile applications can do for us now compared to a few years ago is undoubtedly impressive, thanks to developers. Doesn’t it feel like yesterday when we used to play GTA on our gigantic computers? Now we’re playing better games on a tiny screen in the metro or in the meeting room wherever we like, whenever we want—thanks again to developers. If developers need to keep up with technology and deliver the best results for their clients, they need to be experts across various programming languages. 

Having a strong background in different programming languages will give app developers the ability to create diverse and versatile apps. Whether they want to use a programming language that’s fun to work with or complete a specific task, app developers with the knowledge of various languages will be able to choose what best fits a project and go ahead with it. Moreover, each platform, such as Android or iOS, requires a different coding language, and developers must possess the skills in them to take up projects that can be launched on any platform. Cloud Integration 

2. Cloud Implementation

Moving to the clouds has definitely revolutionized the way mobile apps work. Cloud integration has allowed businesses to save immensely without having to invest in costly hardware for data storage, on-demand scalability, and data security.

With cloud computing, apps will have the ability to rapidly scale up and down, innovate quickly, and deploy applications globally. App developers must have the skill to integrate seamlessly and hop on the bandwagon of cloud computing to make sure their clients get maximum benefits. It allows app developers to create groundbreaking apps with enhanced user experiences that once seemed almost impossible. 

3. Killer UI and UX

Apps that are just functional are not popular any more. In modern lingo, they’re pretty much ‘canceled’. If developers want their apps to compete in the market, having incredible UX skills is key. UX and UI design play an important role in making the app initiative user-friendly, appealing, and attractive. 

Having a killer UX design will allow the app to be featured in the app store by meeting quality standards and gaining better reviews. An app developer with great UI/UX design skills will also be able to establish a particular design style that will help them gain more projects in the long run. UI and UX skills will directly impact the reputation and impression of the mobile app, and it is therefore very important to deliver successful, high-performing mobile applications. 

4. Security Implementation

During the pandemic, the use of mobile applications grew extensively. From buying groceries to having virtual gatherings, we got used to having a particular mobile app. Although we were using them even before the pandemic, we found ourselves relying more on them even after it.

While these mobile applications have made lives a lot more convenient, they’ve also brought a risk of cybersecurity threats. 

As technology advances in the digital landscape of 2024, so do the tactics of cybercriminals, making mobile apps a prime target. This risk has increased the need for security implementation. Mobile application developers in Dubai and cities around the world need to make sure that users’ privacy is secured, systems are protected, and all the logs and checks are in place. They must be proactive in their approach to safeguarding user data and have a grasp of security protocols and the latest best practices and tools. 

5. Cross-platform development

Cross-platform development, which is coding that can be written once and deployed on many platforms. It allows app developers to create apps that can be deployed on many platforms. Having intensive knowledge of cross-platform development will allow developers to save time and money by reusing the same code for different platforms instead of writing separate native apps for each one. 

If you want to launch your app on multiple platforms, like iOS and Android, then app developers who can champion a cross-platform development tool like React Native or Flutter will only be able to do that for you.

6. API and Backend Development 

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of an app that you are looking at, that’s where backend development comes in. 

API and backend development skills are essential for app developers to create, manage, and connect the data and logic of their applications. 

These skills allow developers to build and maintain the programming and coding of mobile applications and power the front end of them. Robust and scalable applications cannot be built without the work of great back-end developers. To become the best at back-end development, app developers must brush up on their database management and API design skills. 


Mobile app developers are no doubt sought after in this digitally adept era. Whether you want to establish your career in this field or are looking for a professional app developer to launch an app and bring your idea to life, these skills are essential for any app developer. A thorough understanding of these skills will help app developers level up their game and cater accordingly to their clients. They will be able to create sophisticated apps that match the needs of the app’s target audience.

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