Brandage™ by Antix: Make healing fun with innovative temporary tattoos on adhesive bandages

Brandage™ by Antix transforms healing into a fun experience by combining adhesive bandages with temporary tattoos, easing children’s fear of bandage removal. The innovative design makes the removal process less painful, revealing a cool tattoo. Simple to use, these bandages turn wounds into badges of courage. The Kickstarter campaign offers significant discounts, aiming to make healing enjoyable for kids and stress-free for parents.

Brandage™ Brand adhesive bandages protect wounds and turn the healing process into an exciting adventure for children. Each bandage reveals a temporary tattoo when removed, transforming every scrape into a badge of courage. 

“We wanted to create a product that provides comfort and protection and adds an element of joy to the healing journey. Brandage™ Brand adhesive bandages make being brave a whole lot easier.” – Brandage™.

The innovative bandages address a common concern among parents — the fear and anxiety associated with traditional adhesive bandages. The painful removal process often leads to stress for both parents and kids. Brandage™ Brand adhesive bandages overcome this challenge by incorporating a stylish temporary tattoo, using the tattoo transfer water to soften the adhesive simultaneously. The result is a more enjoyable and less painful experience for everyone involved.

The application process for Brandage™ Brand adhesive bandages is simple and painless:  

1 – Apply the Brandage™ adhesive bandage over the wound, leaving the temporary tattoo slit accessible. 

2 – Dampen the bandage with a warm, moist paper towel for 30 seconds. 

3 – Effortlessly peel off the loosened bandage to reveal a stunning temporary tattoo underneath.

Backers of the Kickstarter campaign will receive exclusive perks based on their pledged amount. From single packs to bundle offers, backers can enjoy discounts of up to 44% off retail prices. Early bird options are available for those who act quickly.

“We want to bring happiness and smiles by making healing fun for parents and kids everywhere. Join the Kickstarter campaign and participate in this innovative journey toward a world where healing is not just a necessity but a delightful adventure.”

For more information and to support the campaign, please visit Kickstarter.

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