Create a Winning Business Model With CallnFax Cloud-Based Voice Services


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an effective and reliable way for Businesses and Call Centers to expand their client and sales reach, increase services, improve customer service, and save money. With so many vendors competing for customers, it is important to be able to understand how to choose the right vendor for your business model.

Factors to consider when choosing a Voice Service Provider:

  • Reliability & Customer Service

  • Cost-Efficiency

  • Call Success Rate

  • Global Coverage & Features

  • Scalability

has been delivering Reliable, Scalable, and Cost-Effective Inbound and Outbound Voice Services since 2009. With a 100% uptime record, you can be reassured that your important connection to your global customers will be there 24/7/365! Our industry-setting flat-rate, flat-fee, scalable inbound telephone services cover the entire globe. Our outbound call termination service offers true carrier-direct local calls to 45 countries, and international calls to essentially every phone on the planet.

With a focus on Call and Contact Centers, CallnFax possesses the knowledge, experience, and industry prowess to deliver the most effective solutions for your company. With our Business-Forward customer service, your company receives the attention and dedication it deserves. Each account gets a dedicated service representative who understands the needs of your company and can deliver solutions that other companies simply can’t offer. As our client, you get a real person assigned to your account, instead of a nameless and faceless corporate firewall.


Inbound Call Services – Virtual Phone Service (DID’s)

CallnFax is a champion in delivering inbound phone service without per-minute charges and covering the entire globe with a choice of National, Local, and Mobile Direct Inward Dialing (DID’s). Our competitors commonly offer direct inward dialing at prices that at first seem low but add up quickly when used. The reasons are the per-minute costs added to your monthly bill. What seems to be a great rate turns into an expensive proposition once you factor in the cost of the calls. CallnFax offers a different business model that will quickly save your company money, without restrictions. Our flat-rate virtual phone numbers have no per-minute charges and absolutely no “fair use” restrictions. Your monthly charge is the same whether your company receives 1000 minutes of calls or 10 million minutes of calls.

Scalability is another fantastic feature that CallnFax customers can take advantage of. Most of our DID’s can be scaled from 2 channels up to an amazing 1000 channels of simultaneous inbound calls. Callers to your contact center should never receive a busy signal, this is simply bad for business. With our scalable service, you can increase your inbound call capacity, so you never miss a sale or miss a connection with a new customer. Scalability is the perfect solution when your company has a promotion, a new product announcement, or any scenario where a busy signal means lost profits. With no long-term commitments, our scalable inbound services can be quickly scaled up or down to meet your needs.

Routing your inbound calls is another feature where CallnFax delivers! Using our Dashboard, you can quickly configure call queues, auto-attendants (IVR’s), voicemail, time conditions, and much more. With useful reporting, you can easily deliver actional business intelligence that translates into better sales and service. CallnFax is truly a business-forward, better choice.

CallnFax also offers a fantastic selection of Toll-Free services, covering essentially the entire globe. Toll-Free service conveys a sense of trust and permanency that is attractive to buyers. Our Toll-Free DID’s come standard with 300 channels of simultaneous calls, that can also be scaled up to 1000 channels. These services have a small per-minute charge since the cost of the call is shifted from the caller to the company.

Outbound Call Termination Services

CallnFax offers companies the best choice for outbound call termination. When making outbound calls, there are a few basics that make choosing the right provider. The most important is getting your call answered. With SPAM calls causing a tremendous nuisance, many local carriers will block legitimate calls. Blocked calls translate into lost sales, lost profits, and unproductive staff time. Most blocked calls arise when international calls arrive with a local caller ID that cannot be verified by the local carrier. CallnFax offers true carrier-direct local call delivery in 45 countries. With the purchase of a DID from CallnFax, customers have the right and ability to have their calls delivered as a Local Call, even when calling from an international location. Combined with full Caller ID management, your calls get delivered as a local call, with a local Caller ID, directly from the local carrier. This is a feature our competitors simply can’t match. Our call termination service includes 6-second billing, minimal post-dial delay, and landline call quality. Combined with intelligent reporting, useful connectivity management, balance notifications, and secure connections, CallnFax is your best choice when making outbound calls.

Voice over IP is a competitive industry. When choosing the right company, CallnFax stands ahead of our competitors in features, services, reliability, and customer service. Our customers benefit from a 100% uptime, and a company that has been delivering the absolute best solutions since 2009. CallnFax focuses on voice services for Call Centers, Contact Centers, and International Business, and we deliver the absolute best solutions for your business model.

Contact us today, and a representative will happily develop a solution that saves money, improves service, and will reliably be there for you as your business flourishes. Visit our website at CallnFax.Com to learn more about how we can help you.

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