New children’s novel “Squeaky, Sneaky and Snarky” by Adrian L. Loeffelholz is released, a delightful story about animals forming friendships, communication, and learning from differences

New children’s novel "Squeaky, Sneaky and Snarky" by Adrian L. Loeffelholz is released, a delightful story about animals forming friendships, communication, and learning from differences

“Squeaky, Sneaky and Snarky: a Mouse, an Elephant and a Snake Become Friends” by Adrian L. Loeffelholz has been released worldwide. This 242-page novel for kids and preteens follows the adventures of a mouse named Squeaky as he travels from New York City to a far away land and back, befriending a snake, Snarky, and an elephant, Sneaky, along the way.

After being taken in as a pet by a young girl, Emma, Squeaky proves to be an extremely smart mouse, and is whisked away on adventure to a lab on the other side of the world with the girl’s researcher father, Sam. At this special, secretive lab, a cutting-edge doctor is performing surgeries that allow animals to communicate with each other!

Sam meets the lab’s two biggest successes, Sneaky and Snarky, and Squeaky soon gains the ability to communicate as well. These animals, however, aren’t happy with their homes in the lab and long to be free. As the story unfolds, the characters – Sam included – face setbacks and misadventures, and have to work together to find what’s right for each of them.

As Squeaky, Sneaky, Snarky, and Sam form indelible friendships, they also learn about each other’s fears, hopes, and needs. Their ability to communicate with one another lets each character get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a different animal, and together, they form a deeper understanding of how their individual strengths complement one another. When Sam and Squeaky return to New York City, they agree to stay in touch with their newfound friends.

After being reunited with the rest of the family, Sam decides to share the mouse’s adventures with Emma. For the first time, Squeaky can finally thank Emma for being so kind!

With colorful characters, globetrotting adventures, and important lessons for young readers about learning from differences, Adrian Loeffelholz provides a fun, engaging story geared toward blossoming young readers. Like his first children’s book, “The White Horse at the White Farmhouse,” the author carefully balances the length and density of a novel with kid-friendly language, helping readers use their imaginations to get to know each of the places and characters, and inviting them to consider the dilemmas they face.

This exciting, unique story brings readers into a rich world where amazing things are possible, and teaches them valuable lessons about communication, care, and friendship every step of the way.

Squeaky, Sneaky and Snarky: a Mouse, an Elephant and a Snake Become Friends (ISBN: 9781961532212) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The hardcover retails for $23.99 and the ebook retails for $9.99. Review copies and interviews are available upon request.

From the back cover:

A mouse, an elephant and a snake become friends in an intriguing story of a mouse that begins and ends in New York City. An interesting trip to the other side of the world changes everything for the mouse and his human caretakers.

Is it even possible for a mouse, an elephant and a snake to become friends?

Travel along with Squeaky, Sneaky and Snarky and their adventures.

This is not a picture book, but a novel, that uses the reader’s imagination to create the scenes and pictures as they develop in the story.

Is this a book of fiction, or could it be a possible future reality? Anything can happen as you will discover.

About the author:

Adrian Loeffelholz likes writing short stories about animals. He also enjoys traveling, motorcycling and other activities. He grew up on a farm in Wisconsin in a large family. He is a veteran of the US Air Force and is a volunteer at the Veterans Hospital in Madison WI.

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