Happy Camp3r Receives Fan Favorite Award at MAGIC New York Convention

Happy Camp3r Receives Fan Favorite Award at MAGIC New York Convention

“Stephanie Devli, Owner of Happy Cam3r, at the MAGIC Convention in NYC”
Happy Camp3r is thrilled to announce its success at the MAGIC New York convention, where it was recognized as the Fan Favorite.

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Stephanie Devli, the Founder and CEO of Happy Camp3r, and her dedicated team showcased the brand’s designs and advocacy for health at the MAGIC New York convention, which took place between February 20-22, 2024. The renowned MAGIC New York convention acts as a top-tier platform for the fashion industry, uniting designers, brands, retailers, and professionals to present the latest trends, innovations, and collections the industry has to offer. 

With an emphasis on networking opportunities, talent discovery, and B2B collaborations, the twice-annual MAIC New York event creates a setting for engaging discussions and trend showcases to explore an array of fashion offerings. Happy Camp3r’s booth attracted significant attention from attendees and industry insiders at the convention due to the company’s unwavering commitment to promoting health awareness through its custom apparel.

“Attending the show was such an amazing experience for us,” says Devli. “We got to meet a lot of like-minded individuals who believe in our mission.” 

Devli possesses a deep passion for mental health awareness, largely driven by her undergraduate and graduate studies in psychology at NYU. Her vision and dedication to creating a clothing brand that challenges norms in both fashion and mental health advocacy have propelled Happy Camp3r to success since founding the brand at just 21 years old. 

Each design from Happy Camp3r is created to spark conversations and empower individuals by challenging norms and spreading positivity. Obtaining the MAGIC New York “Fan Favorite” award serves as a confirmation of Happy Camp3r’s impact on consumers and professionals in the industry and reflects the brand’s influence in reshaping conversations around mental health while leaving a positive impact on the fashion world.

“The award we received is a testament to our commitment to do good in the world and leave a lasting impression on those around us,” says Devli. “It’s so heartwarming to see how people relate to our clothing on a personal level.” 

To learn more about Happy Camp3r and its mission, please visit the company’s website at https;//thehappycamp3r.com/

Stephanie Devli, Founder and CEO of Happy Camp3r 

Stephanie Devli is the innovative force behind Happy Camp3r, a groundbreaking clothing brand challenging norms in both fashion and mental health advocacy. Despite no formal background in fashion or business, Devli embarked on this journey after earning both undergraduate and master’s degrees in psychology from NYU. Driven by a deep passion for mental health awareness, Devli saw an opportunity to merge her passion with her desire to make a difference. At just 21, she founded Happy Camp3r, with a clear mission: to raise awareness about mental health through stylish and meaningful clothing. Through sheer determination and an unwavering commitment to their cause, she has transformed Happy Camp3r into a beacon of empowerment and social change. With each design meticulously crafted to spark conversations and promote positivity, Happy Camp3r is not only redefining fashion but also reshaping the dialogue around mental health.

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