New Home Star Launches Groundbreaking AI Platform Revolutionizing New Home Sales Performance

New Home Star, a trailblazer in new home sales training, proudly unveils its revolutionary AI platform, poised to redefine the industry’s landscape. This cutting-edge platform signifies a paradigm shift, offering unmatched insights, efficiency, and effectiveness for new home builders.

“As the industry leader in new home sales training and technology, we are thrilled to launch the most comprehensive library of sales training tools and resources anywhere online,” said David Rice, Founder and CEO of New Home Star. “This launch marks a pivot point for the industry, offering the best-in-class training and marketing  powered by the massive institutional knowledge of New Home Star and ChatGPT,” he said.

The sales AI platform represents a monumental leap forward, providing a comprehensive suite of resources and video training meticulously crafted to address the unique challenges encountered by real estate professionals. Powered by a custom neural network model, the platform draws from an extensive repository of assets, including over 50 meticulously curated training manuals, 500+ meticulously curated training videos, 54,000+ peer learning questions and answers, and decades of collective wisdom from industry experts. This treasure trove of refined content delivers micro-market relevant insights, equipping users with the tools to conquer challenges in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

Rice underscores the transformative potential of the platform: “In a fiercely competitive market characterized by affordability challenges and market uncertainty, our AI platform levels the playing field. By harnessing institutional knowledge and industry expertise, we empower builders and their teams to navigate challenges with confidence and agility.”

Christian Gomez, Technical Lead at New Home Star, highlights the platform’s advanced capabilities: “The emergence of ChatGPT has unlocked new possibilities, enabling the conversion of video and audio content into actionable insights transcribed into a useful format. This revolutionizes the way knowledge is accessed and applied, enhancing the learning experience for real estate professionals.”

Chris Laskowski, Marketing Director at New Home Star, emphasizes the platform’s monumental impact: “This powerful and dynamic new AI capability places the entire institutional knowledge-base of our industry-leading firm into users’ hands instantaneously. It’s a game-changer, poised to transform the world of real estate sales training.”

Through its intuitive interface, the sales AI platform offers multifaceted benefits, from personalized marketing interactions to streamlined operations. As Rice explains, “Our platform enables organizations to access a wealth of knowledge instantly, from training materials to company directories. It’s about tapping into collective wisdom and driving continuous growth.”

New Home Star released this groundbreaking technology at the International Builders Show, February 27 to 29, 2024 in Las Vegas. 

For preview access to the beta portal, more information about New Home Star or to request an interview, contact Melissa Rein Lively with TBCPR: or call 602.384.4747.

About New Home Star

Founded by David Rice in 2008, New Home Star is the nation’s preeminent new home sales management firm with a vision to leverage technology and top sales talent to drive smart sales processes. With over 500 employees nationwide, the company recruits, develops, and manages elite sales teams for builders across North America, giving their customers time back to focus on what they like to do: building the best new homes.

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