Expert Marriage Counsellor Reveals Signs a Woman Is Cheating on Her Man

A marriage and relationship counsellor, has unveiled the stages through which women may be inclined to cheat or terminate their relationships. Mark Sceriha has told an online audience of the signs to watch for as well as sharing insights on how men can reclaim their partner’s affections.

In an online couples therapy video, Mark highlights that men often downplay their wife’s emotional distress, inadvertently triggering a breakdown that is frequently instigated by women.

“When women repeatedly express their pain and frustration with their husband’s behaviour or lack of emotional connection, men must listen and act,” said Mark, a counsellor at the online marriage counselling service, The Best Married Life. “Women won’t endure the disconnection forever; there will come a day when she recognises she deserves better from a partner.”

The experienced counsellor outlines his couples therapy observations regarding wives whose emotional needs are unmet by their husbands, predicting three possible outcomes, none of which bodes well for men.

“If men continuously fail to provide the emotional safety their female partners need, she will check out of the relationship – that is, emotionally disconnect from her husband,” warns Mark.

To prevent further destructive behaviour within the marriage, Mark underscores the importance of husbands recognising their wife’s silence as a sign she may be giving up on the marriage, emphasising the need for swift action to regain her heart.

Common Mistakes Leading to Affairs

Addressing what happens if the husband fails to act, Mark notes, “Many wives will then seek emotional fulfilment outside of their marriage, often triggering affairs. Hence, it is crucial for husbands to recognise if their wife has emotionally checked out.”

Mark highlights that not all emotionally distant women in a relationship are having or planning affairs. He advises husbands not to jump to divisive conclusions but to acknowledge signs, such as heightened criticism, argumentative behaviour, and disconnection as indicators that their female partner’s emotional needs are unmet, noting marriage counselling as an important tool in rescuing a troubles marriage.

Good news for husbands

The couples therapy expert asserts that preventing women from cheating on their husbands hinges on men developing emotional intelligence and using it to establish a deep emotional connection with their wives.

“The core problem is we won’t raise boys to be emotionally intelligent men, so it’s not about blaming men but equipping them to recognise what their wife needs on an emotional level, and giving them the practical tools to provide that,” he said. “This is a focus on the services offered by The Best Married Life and for many couples is the solution to turning their marriage problems around, either before or after betrayal.”


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Mark Sceriha is a licensed marriage and relationship counsellor and CEO of The Best Married Life, an online service providing counselling and courses aimed at couples. Known for his practical and straight forward approach, Mark has been helping couples for over 15 years. Residing on the Gold Coast Australia, Mark has been married for over 20 years and has two teenage children.

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