South Park Star and Cutting-Edge PDX Performance Artist, Eliza Jane Schneider, Presents “Blue Girl and the Burning Bushes”: A Science-Fiction Circus Rave Opera Documenting the Return of the Goddess

South Park Star and Cutting-Edge PDX Performance Artist, Eliza Jane Schneider, Presents "Blue Girl and the Burning Bushes": A Science-Fiction Circus Rave Opera Documenting the Return of the Goddess

Portland, Oregon – What if the second coming and associated rapture already occurred, during Y2K, and those of us still on Earth missed it and are in the midst of a slow hell burn? With no time to spare, in the eleventh hour, Blue Girl, the half-human-half-goddess-violin-shredding-pop-star and superheroine, returns to the third dimension, aka Earth, to determine if we’re a species worthy of saving. This Women’s History Month, celebrate the power of the Divine Feminine that’s coming to grab the patriarchy by the balls! 

Renowned voice artist, actor, and visionary Eliza Jane Schneider is thrilled to announce the return of “Blue Girl” after a two-decade disappearance, presented by Fertile Ground, and produced by burgeoning SE Portland creative campus Jaja Circus. In this production, featuring a brand new libretto and score, Blue Girl is reunited with her freshly embodied Burning Bushes: A Burning Man-born band of supernatural fire-dancing aerialist Pleiadian sister goddesses representing seven chakras and continents. The lines between performer and spectator begin to slip along with the power of dominator culture and the patriarchal locus of control, in this transformative interactive theatrical event. 

This performance is coming off the heels of Eliza’s 1/6/24 award-winning solo 34-character “Freedom of Speech” sold-out show, another successful example of her series of solo plays, focusing on the Voices of the People. 

The Blue Girl sneak peek spectacular features some of Portland’s brightest circus performers, musicians, puppeteers, fire dancers, and aerialists. Eliza will bring multiple characters to life through her Bjork-meets Tracy Ullman vocal stylings, described by the LA Times as “a one-woman choir.” 

“(Blue Girl,) A Stonehenge superheroine with one bare foot planted in rave culture, the other in goddess-worshiping antiquity – has risen to global prominence with her catchy world-pop tunes and wild shows, wowing ‘em from West Coast raves to the Cirque de Demain in Paris, where she performed in that city’s awesome Y2K festivities.”

– Tom Farrell, Penthouse, The Magazine of Sex, Politics, and Protest, October 2001

“The Burning Bushes, Blue Girl’s troupe of fellow goddesses, …calls to mind a smaller, more erotic Cirque de Soleil, one that’s gynocentric and proud of it.”

– Steve Lemons,, “Blue Girl’s Blue Period,” July 5, 2000

Four shows ONLY, at JaJaCircus, 819 SE Taylor St., Portland Oregon, 97214: 

A sneak preview of the adult show on 4-13-2024 at 10 PM 

Special all-ages preview on 4-14-2024 at 6:30 PM 

The official full Staged Reading on 4-20-2024 (a numeric palindrome!) at 8pm. 

There will be opportunities to interact with the artists at the VIP post show party on April 20th.

A final all ages show on 4-21-2024 at 6:30 PM …before Blue Girl disappears back into the ether.

Tickets are on sale at Wannago?: 

This revolutionary theatrical experience aims for nothing less than to save the planet, transform lives, and inspire humanity to rise up in solidarity with Mother Earth. Collaborating with acclaimed Portland artists and creatives; including Portland Light Festival Creative Director Chris Herring, Cirque du Soleil veteran Mariano Di Yorio, Faerin Millington on puppet design and fabrication, “Blue Girl” promises an immersive experience like no other. The show’s comeback marks the beginning of its revival journey, set to culminate in a world-premiere concert-level spectacular event scheduled for New Years Eve 2025. 

For more information about Eliza and “Blue Girl and the Burning Bushes,” please visit

About Vox Pop Entertainment Founder, Eliza Jane Schneider:

Eliza Jane Schneider, an acclaimed voice artist best known for voicing the female population of Comedy Central’s South Park, activist, musician, playwright, entrepreneur, writer, producer, dialectologist, and celebrity coach, brings over three decades of experience in the entertainment industry to the Portland performance art scene. As the Founder of Vox Pop Entertainment, she has produced a New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) sponsored series of solo plays, focusing on the Voices of the People: Freedom of Speech, Sounds of Silence: A Documentary Puppet Musical Farce about the 2004 Elections in Ohio, and Displaced, Detained, Discovered, a conversation between a busker and international women experiencing houselessness, ultimately elevating the voices of detained moms held at Portland’s ICE building. That show was commissioned, developed and premiered as part of Fertile Ground 2017 and 2019. As CEO of Competitive Edge Voice Training, Schneider has been instrumental in helping actors find their unique character voices and break into the world of animation and video games through her online school. Her passion for dialects and accents led her to travel six continents, recording thousands of people speaking English in their native dialects for her extensive Dialect Database. As a committed activist, she’s devoted to preserving dialects and amplifying the voices of underserved communities. Beyond her career, Eliza’s love for music shines as she plays Zydeco fiddle in the band “Lucky Beaucoup.” Eliza’s journey of curiosity and exploration has led to the development of the epic upcoming “Freedom of Speech” podcast, where she will take audiences on a global voyage to give voice to people from diverse backgrounds, bridging cultures, and sharing the stories of those who’ve been unheard.

JaJa Circus Founder and Blue Girl Co-Producer/Co-Director Mariano Di Yorio

Born in Argentina in 1979, Mariano co-founded the first urban social circus school in Buenos Aires, “Trivenchi,” 2001, providing shelter, professional circus training, and a sense of purpose to indigent youth with no other hope, and building a strong community of professional artists. He was later discovered and brought to North America by Cirque du Soleil in 2008. He performed with Cirque until 2017 in “Believe” with Crisis Angel.  In Argentina, he worked in circus production, venue event planning, as a comic actor, clown and juggler.  

Fertile Ground

Fertile Ground is a 10-day, city-wide festival highlighting new work from Portland’s creative community in myriad art forms and offering dozens of Portland-generated “acts of creation” for audiences to experience each year. Where other new works festivals are typically curated by one entity, this festival is collaboratively shaped by community participation, uplifting a variety of aesthetic voices.  Projects can range from fully staged world premieres, to theatrical workshops and play readings, to ensemble, multidisciplinary and collaboration-driven work, to a variety of dance, comedy, film events and more.  Unlike a typical fringe festival, Fertile Ground features the new work of our LOCAL artists, performers, and resident theatre companies, ensuring that the artistic and financial benefits of the festival stay in Portland.  After a year of strategic hiatus, PATA is presenting the first in-person Fertile Ground Festival of New Works since 2020.  April 12-21, 2024.

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