Deceptive Calm by Patricia Skipper Described as an “Ode to Hope”

Author Patricia Skipper’s book Deceptive Calm is a hot topic among readers for all the right reasons. From drama and romance to focusing on societal matters, the amalgamation of various genres defines Deceptive Calm’s versatility.

The story revolves around Vanessa, a light-skinned beauty living in an orphanage. The story takes place at a time when John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. were both assassinated, leaving the nation at the mercy of racism and chaos. Subsequently, Vanessa suffered the collateral damage, surviving a Ku Klux Klan attack. On top of that, she had to endure a back-alley abortion and the death of the nun who reared her.

Vanessa, then, does the unthinkable. Donning the identity of a deceased White baby, she begins her new life.

Deceptive Calm may sound like a tragedy when, in fact, readers are describing it as “an ode to hope.” In her new life, Vanessa climbed up the ranks in the newsroom and became successful. Happiness began to bloom in her life as she got married to one of the wealthiest families in California.

Vanessa’s story is one of hope, filled with exhilarating romance, leaving readers on the edge of their seats. That being said, Vanessa’s past seems to creep up as she discovers her child has been diagnosed with sickle cell disease. Her husband then realizes that he married a woman of African-American descent. What will happen now?

Read through Vanessa’s fate in Deceptive Calm, now available on Amazon.

About the Author

Patricia Skipper is the author of the romance-thriller sensation Deceptive Calm. Patricia’s journey began on a California Marine Corps base, where, during her childhood, Patricia witnessed various racist advancements, which were the driving force for writing her book.

Patricia has a Master’s in Broadcast Journalism and worked as a reporter for the Charleston Evening Post from Leningrad and Moscow. She has also won numerous Addy Awards for her writing on television.

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