Surprising growth in the professional moving services sector

California – March 18, 2024 – Turkey’s Antalya province, which is one of the holiday centers of the whole world with its natural  beauties, wonderful beaches, and warm climate, has recently created an influx of people from all over  the world to settle there with the effect of the easy citizenship processes provided by the Turkish  government to foreigners. Antalya istanbul nakliyat, known for its beauty, stands out as a constantly developing city as well as a tourist paradise. Job changes among residents, relocations for educational purposes, and many personal reasons have increased the demand for moving services in Antalya.  

Especially recently, the search queries they have made through popular search engines from  different parts of the world have proved that this sector has made great progress in a short  time. For example, it is seen that the search query “Antalya evden eve nakliyat,” which is the Turkish  typing of Antalya door-to-door moving services for Antalya, has increased by 120% compared to last year.  

“We are thrilled to witness the remarkable growth of the professional moving services sector in Antalya. The influx of people from around the world and the increasing demand for moving services demonstrate the city’s attractiveness and development.”  Bayram Akdeniz, Spokesperson for Akdeniz Ekspres “As we expand our services to intercity and international transportation, we continue to prioritize customer needs and provide solutions tailored to their requirements. With a commitment to environmental sustainability.” 

Akdeniz Ekspres, is known as a company that has gained experience in the sector for more than 65  years and prioritizes customer satisfaction. The company has gained the trust of customers in and  around Antalya with the professional services it offers. With the use of quality equipment, on-time   

delivery and reliable service. During the transportation process, Akdeniz Ekspres not only transports its customers’ belongings but also offers them a peaceful moving experience.  

Behind the success of Akdeniz Ekspres in the home-to-home moving process is an experienced and  expert team. The company aims to provide a service suitable for their needs by making detailed  plans with its customers before the move. The company, which exhibits a professional approach  

in stages such as packing the goods, preparations for the moving day, and selection of the  transportation vehicle, aims to complete the moving process of its customers smoothly and safely.  

Akdeniz Ekspress also offers different transportation solutions, and the development of the region  shows that there is an increase in these areas.  

– Intercity transportation  

– City Transportation  

– Partial Transportation  

– International Transportation  

Akdeniz Ekspres offers not only Antalya house-to-house transportation but also intercity and Antalya  intercity transportation services. In this context, it offers safe and fast transportation services to all  four corners of Turkey, especially Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir, based in Antalya. The company’s large  vehicle fleet has the capacity to offer solutions suitable for all kinds of goods transportation needs.

Akdeniz Ekspres stands out not only with its service approach focused on customer satisfaction, but  also as an environmentally friendly company. The company, which prefers recyclable materials in  packaging materials, aims to minimize environmental impacts by using energy-saving transportation vehicles.  

Istanbul and Antalya, two important cities in Turkey, stand out not only with their tourist  attractions but also with their businesses and living conditions. Akdeniz Ekspres, which offers a reliable  home-to-home transportation service for those who need to move from Istanbul to Antalya or  Antalya to Istanbul, has become the address for comfortable and trouble-free transportation.  

Akdeniz Ekspres stands out with its experience in the sector and the importance it attaches to  customer satisfaction. The company, which serves Istanbul and Antalya as well as neighboring  provinces, aims to offer a professional approach to its customers during the transportation process.  Behind the success of Akdeniz Ekspres is a customer-oriented service approach, experienced staff,  and modern transportation technology.  

The company starts with a detailed planning process with its customers. A special transportation plan  is created by taking into account factors such as the type, quantity, and date of transportation. In this  way, it is aimed at ensuring that the transportation process takes place smoothly by offering solutions  specific to the needs of each customer. 

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