Haier Biomedical Driving Global Blood Safety Development

From March 4th to 7th, 2024, the major event focusing on global blood safety and the forefront of transfusion technology—the 11th AfSBT (African Society for Blood Transfusion) International Congress—was held in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. This congress gathered around 450 blood experts and practitioners from various African countries, who represent the authoritative voices in blood research, application, and management in their respective nations. Together, they constructed an international bridge that connects ideas, shares wisdom, and promotes innovation in medical technology, injecting a powerful momentum into the development of the global blood safety cause.

During the exhibition, Haier Biomedical engaged in in-depth interactions with blood stations, military units, AIDS prevention and control projects, and other users from countries including Malawi, Mali, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Cameroon, Egypt, Tunisia, Togo, South Sudan, Senegal, Ghana, Morocco, and Algeria.

Haier Biomedical’s solution offerings attracted significant attention from attendees, with products such as platelet agitators, rapid freezers, solar-powered blood storage units, large-capacity centrifuges, floor-standing centrifuges, and the Series 9 blood refrigerators receiving high praise from customers. Through this exhibition, Haier Biomedical not only showcased its outstanding technology and comprehensive solutions in the field of blood safety but also further deepened its strategic interactions with partners in Africa and around the globe, jointly promoting the progress and development of the global public health sector.

It’s worth mentioning that the platelet agitator showcased by Haier Biomedical, with its cutting-edge technology and superior performance, shone brightly at the exhibition and attracted deep interest from many attendees, partners and key African stakeholders. The product is ingeniously designed to precisely meet the strict storage conditions for platelets. It can maintain a constant temperature environment of 20-24°C while performing precise oscillation actions continuously for 24 hours, effectively preventing platelet aggregation and loss of function. This significantly ensures the quality stability and enhanced usability of blood products. On the first day of the exhibition, the model on display received pre-orders and achieved sales transactions, fully validating the advantages of Haier Biomedical’s products

During the four-day exhibition, Haier Biomedical’s booth became a focal point of attention.Dealers from around the world gathered here, showing strong interest and deep appreciationfor the product innovation and technical prowess demonstrated by Haier Biomedical. Severacustomers expressed a clear desire to establish cooperative relationships, eagerly anticipatinocollaboration to advance the alobal blood safetv cause together, to make life better, throughthe intelligent protection of life science.

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