Rising K-pop rookie, Singer Kyoung-seo shared a warm communication with Japanese singer-songwriter Tomioka Ai

On the 21st, Kyoungseo released the Tommyoka i episode of the second episode of the talk show “To Kyoungseo’s X” on its official YouTube channel.

In the video, Kyoungseo opened with Tomioka Ai’s song “Good Bye Bye,” which became sensational with short form videos in Japan as well as in Korea. In response, Tomioka Ai said, “Your voice is transparent and pretty. It was really good,” he praised.

Tommyoka Ai said, “I didn’t feel it, but I found out because you left so many comments in Korean.” due to the popularity of the short form video of ‘Good bye bye’ which has nearly 10 million views in SNS integration. He, who busked at Gangnam Station in Seoul last year, said, “The audience responded very well. He also delivered a story afterwards, saying, “He raised his voice and applauded a lot.”

The friendship between the two, who formed a relationship while singing the OST of the same Korean drama, was also revealed. At the time of recording the OST, Kyoungseo helped correct and direct Tommyoka Eye’s Korean pronunciation. They also started music from an early age and were surprised to find common ground, such as choosing Taylor Swift as their role model, saying, “It’s fate,” and continued a warm atmosphere by promising to shoot videos and collaborate.

The two will open together with the Japanese song “Marigold” at the MBC radio concert “Idol Radio Live in Yokohama” to be held at the K-Arena Yokohama concert hall in Japan on the 26th. Prior to this, he first played the first verse of “Merigold” and made us look forward to the main stage.

In addition, Tommyoka Ai sang “Ai Need Your Love,” and finally, Kyoung-seo and Tommyoka Ai played the guitar together and sang “Dear Planet You.”

Meanwhile, “Idol Radio Live in Yokohama,” featuring Japanese next-generation singer-songwriter Tomioka Ai and “Festival Fairy” Kyoungseo, will be held at the 20,000-seat K-Arena Yokohama concert hall at 7 p.m. on the 26th.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/u0y1yl6jQ0I?si=VlAkKSGUllDSq-pp

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