Discover Authentic Experiences with Next Holidays, Dubai: Go Beyond the Tourist Trail.

Travel around the world offers tourists an abundance of cultures, traditions, and hidden gems; yet tourists often fail to capture the core essence of each destination. At Next Holidays – established in 2022, our mission is to design travel experiences that go beyond well-trodden paths to uncover each place’s heart.

Next Holidays’ team of travel enthusiasts goes beyond simply booking travel arrangements; our expertise lies in creating itineraries that capture the authentic travel experience. Be it thrill-seeking or cultural immersion. Next Holidays can create tailor-made journeys tailored specifically for each of its clientele.

Unveil the Heart of Your Destination

Imagine shopping in Marrakech’s bustling local markets, haggling for handcrafted treasures amidst an overwhelming cacophony of sights and smells; or trekking through Costa Rica’s verdant jungles discovering hidden waterfalls and encountering exotic wildlife! At Next Holidays, we make travel brochures into unforgettable travel experiences!

Beyond Tourist Attractions

At Next Holidays, we can help you discover hidden gems by helping you avoid crowds and uncover unexpected beauty. Visit ancient ruins untouched by mass tourism; sample regional delicacies in small eateries; and participate in ancient traditions alongside locals. In Thailand we could arrange an educational cooking class run by local families; in Italy, you could join a winemaker for an exclusive wine tasting among rolling vineyards!

Immerse Yourself in Local Culture

Travel is more than sightseeing; it’s about connecting with people and hearing their stories. Our local guides share their knowledge and passion for their hometowns – learn the local dialect, take part in traditional craft workshops, or witness colorful cultural celebrations! In Bali, we could even arrange homestays with local families that provide an inside view into daily lives and traditions!

Explore and Welcome the Unexpected

Truly authentic experiences involve some element of surprise; therefore, we encourage our travelers to step outside their comfort zones and accept whatever adventures come their way – whether exploring hidden alleyways, engaging locals in conversations about beauty and wonder unfolding before them, or any combination thereof!

A World of Opportunities Awaits

Next Holidays doesn’t limit itself to any one destination; whether your dreams take you through Southeast Asia’s vibrant street life, South American rugged stretches, or Europe’s historic landmarks, our travel experts will devise an itinerary designed to allow you to fully appreciate each place we travel.

Benefits of Exploring Holiday Opportunities in 2024

As opposed to mass market tours, our focus on customization sets us apart. Our travel specialists take great care in getting to know your interests, travel style, and budget so we can craft personalized itineraries that reflect who you are as an individual traveler. No two journeys should ever look exactly the same!

Booking Your Unique Adventure

Making planning your escape easier than ever with Next Holidays’ user-friendly booking platform is now simpler than ever! Browse our carefully curated tours and activities or reach out to one of our travel experts, who can create a customized itinerary designed specifically to exceed expectations.

Experience more than the ordinary with Next Holidays by venturing beyond tourist trails and uncovering its soul! Contact us now, and get ready for an incredible journey. 

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