Since 2001 families have chosen Perfect Memorials for their unique memorial products.

Minnetonka, MN — April 30th, 2013 – Perfect Memorials is proud to announce its new series of decorative urns, allowing owners to place a picture of their loved one on the urn to remember those that meant so much to them. These new urns are versatile options that make a great addition to any home.

Made with a high gloss finish, the cherry, ebony, bubinga, or oak cremation urns provide an elegant resting place for a loved one’s ashes. The photo frame holds a 4” x 6”photo, and the clear glass will protect the picture of your dearly departed.

The cremation urns are 90 cubic inches in volume, and they are a versatile option that can be placed horizontally or vertically according to the preferences of its owner. The cremation urn is sealed with four simple screws to keep the lid securely in place, and the soft felt bottom prevent the urn from scratching delicate surfaces.

The versatile urns are the latest addition to Perfect Memorials’ collection of memorial items, the largest in the world.

Co-CEO Ryan Graf is quoted as saying, “We want to provide people with a way to remember their loved ones even after their passing. Our memorial collection is to help them recall them as they lived their lives, and all of our products are elegantly made as the stylish resting place your loved one deserves.”

Perfect Memorials is dedicated to providing its customers with quality products, all made to be affordable and long-lasting. Their ten years of providing memorial items has cultivated in the release of this latest product, which promises to be one that many will use to remember their loved ones after their passing.

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Perfect Memorials is a leading retailer of memorial products including cremation urns, pet urns, cremation jewelry, and other personalized memorial merchandise. With over 9,000 items in its catalog, Perfect Memorials holds the largest collection of memorial products in the world.

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