Aero NextGen Pioneering the Future of Aviation MRO with Digital Innovation

Founded in 2023, Aero NextGen is a digital solutions brokerage in Aerospace, designed by aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) specialists, resolving systemic challenges by matching MROs to proven advanced technology solutions.

In the rapidly evolving aerospace industry, the demand for efficient, reliable maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services is increasing exponentially. In parallel to the growth in demand, the sector is extremely dependent on tribal knowledge and is facing growing concerns of retirement, skill gaps, and recruitment difficulty, making digital a core enabler for business strategy, sustainability, and longevity. 

Aero NextGen, founded in 2023, stands at the forefront of this transformation, offering unparalleled digital solutions and expertise in the aviation MRO sector to ensure aerospace companies have access to advanced technologies that would enable them to triple and even quadruple their efficiency.

The company was established to fill a critical void in the sector by translating the complexities of the aviation ecosystem and workflow to technology providers.

“Our mission is to resolve systemic challenges within Aviation MRO, by matching MROs to proven advanced technology solutions and trusted partners, underpinned by expert consultancy and a suite of transformative services for strategic and operational excellence,” said Monica Badra, founder of Aero NextGen.

Aero NextGen acts as a broker of digital solutions. Harnessing an ecosystem of tried and tested partners who are technology experts in various fields like artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, RFID, asset tracking, robotics, cloud infrastructure, augmented reality, and more. Aero NextGen delivers the application that is fit-for-purpose. 

The leadership at Aero NextGen boasts decades of corporate experience in running strategic, operational, and technology functions. With entrepreneurship at its core, Monica has designed business strategies to enable MROs’ growth plans using digitalization to unlock incremental value and maintain a competitive edge. 

With extensive collaborations with industry leaders such as Safran, SK Aerosafety Group, Fly exclusive, NGA Trade, and more, the business is focused on matching its clients with proven solutions that address core pain points in aviation.

Aero NextGen is the connecting tissue between maintenance providers and technology companies. It translates the operational workflow of aerospace and designs the right business logic to problem solve and direct technology teams. 

“From inventory planning and performance management to comprehensive data management and strategic pricing, we have identified over 150+ pain points faced by MROs today. Our approach is not to sell technology for the sake of innovation; instead, we focus on resolving real systemic challenges within the aviation sector and driving true business transformation,” Monica continued.

The company’s blend of aerospace acumen, workflow knowledge, business and digital transformation expertise has cemented its role as a pivotal player in the industry. Aero NextGen is at the forefront of innovation, optimization, and digitalization, empowering the next generation of aerospace disruptors and pioneers with a host of unique services.

The company has helped numerous emerging organizations realize their true potential and enter the upper echelons of the aerospace industry with a uniquely designed, tried & tested approach.

“Our comprehensive suite of digital solutions is designed to meet the specific needs of the aviation industry, ensuring that our partners are equipped with the latest technology to drive true efficiencies,” Monica concluded.

More information about Aero NextGen is available on the company’s official LinkedIn page.

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