The release event for new computing power products of SIXUNITED has successfully concluded, leading the era of AI computing power

With the advancement of information technology, especially due to breakthroughs in innovative technologies centered on AI, there is a massive and rapidly increasing demand for computing power. Faced with new trends and opportunities, many technological companies make a stand for the era of AI intelligence at full stretch, striving for the development of new productive forces.

On March 26, SIXUNITED, a pioneering enterprise in the field of intelligent computing power, successfully held the “Rushing trend of intelligent computing power 2024 SIXUNITED Computing Power Product New Product Launch Conference” in Shanghai. The event was divided into golf tournament, Chinese press conference, computing forum, appreciation banquet, and English press conference. It attracted more than 300 experts, scholars, and industry elites in computing power and artificial intelligence. Together, they explored future development trends in the intelligent computing power industry and witnessed the innovations and breakthroughs of SIXUNITED in the field of computing power.

The event began with a unique golf tournament kicked off on the green field. Experts in computing power and artificial intelligence demonstrated and exchanged their golf skills, and discussed about industrial prospects in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. This tournament not only provided a platform for guests to exchange golf skills, but also enhanced mutual friendship and cooperation through the exchange and collision of ideas.


Full-stack product release, ushering in a new era of intelligent computing power

The Chinese press conference was the highlight of the event. At the press conference, SIXUNITED unveiled more than 30 full-stack products and solutions based on the new Intel EGS Emerald Rapids platform, including General Server, AI Server, Data Center, Liquid-cooled Server, and Edge Intelligence Analysis Box, fully demonstrating the company’s comprehensive layout and profound strength in the field of intelligent computing power. The release of an industry computing power product – the liquid-cooled server, was particularly eye-catching. In the context of the “dual carbon” strategy, owing  to the fully immersive liquid cooling technology of SIXUNITED, traditional air cooling methods can be replaced with liquid cooling, which not only improves cooling capacity, but also significantly reduces the PUE value, providing strong guarantees for the efficient operation of data centers.

SIXUNITED Product Manager Li Wenjian Introduces New Server Products

SIXUNITED Industry Computing Power Product Manager Jiang Wei Introduces New Liquid-cooled Server Products

At the press conference, Zhao Hong, General Manager of Intel ODM Department in China, and Shi Juebing, Chairman of Lingang Group, delivered speeches, highly recognizing the products and technological strength of SIXUNITED  and expressing confidence and expectations for future cooperation. Cao Yalian, Chairman of SIXUNITED, also stated in his speech that SIXUNITED would continue to strengthen research and development input in the future, promoting technological innovation and product upgrading, and continuously releasing more competitive new products. The company would also expand its market actively, seeking in-depth cooperation with more partners, to jointly build a solid foundation for the development of the intelligent computing power industry.

Speech by Zhao Hong, General Manager of Intel ODM Department in China

Speech by Shi Juebing, Chairman of Lingang Group

Speech by Cao Yalian, Chairman of SIXUNITED

Key guests gathered together to have discourse on the future of intelligence

At the computing power forum, several key guests in the field of computing power and artificial intelligence gathered, including Chu Qing, Chairman of Zhishi Shengong (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd., Dr. Li Qingyu, from Shanghai Pudong Industrial Technology Research Institute, Zheng Xiaohu, Assistant Dean and Associate Professor of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Donghua University, Wang Qiang, Chief Scientist of Shanghai VBER Technology, Chen Xiaodong, Manufacturing General Manager of Suzhou LD Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and General Manager of Shenzhen Giant Gravity Technology Co., Ltd., Zhao Shang, Assistant Dean of MIT Sloan School, and Jian Jia, Director of Equity Investment at Miyuan Investment, to discuss the development trends and application prospects of the intelligent computing power industry. The guests exchanged insights and offered unique ideas, contributing valuable opinions and suggestions for the future development of the intelligent computing industry.

SIXUNITED joined hands with SAIF GYH to draw a chapter for new development

The appreciation banquet was another highlight of the event. In addition to exciting cultural performances, a golf tournament award ceremony and a title sponsorship ceremony for the SIXUNITED & SAIF GYH were also held. As a global one-stop solution service provider for consumer electronics and AIoT products, SIXUNITED has always been committed to promoting the development and application of intelligent technologies. As an important platform for cultural exchanges among SAIF students, the SAIF GYH has always been promoting the deep integration of finance and technology. The joint efforts of both sides signify the deep integration of intelligent technology and finance, undoubtedly injecting surging momentum into future innovation and development.

New products and technologies, flying over mountains and seas, attract global attention

The press conference was also broadcast globally via the VZAN live streaming platform, and the new products and technologies of SIXUNITED have spanned the globe, capturing the attention of users worldwide. The cumulative view count of the live streaming reached over 3 million, fully demonstrating the brand influence and market potential of the SIXUNITED on a global scale.


The successful holding of the press conference not only showcases the strong technical strength and product innovation ability of SIXUNITED, but also conveys its firm confidence in deepening its cultivation in the field of intelligent computing power to the industry. Looking ahead to the future, we hope that SIXUNITED will continue to increase research and development input, accelerate technological innovation and product upgrading and provide more assistance for the high-quality development of the intelligent computing power industry, bringing more upstream and downstream enterprises into a new future of AI computing power. 

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