ZTE WiFi’s New CEM Solution: Transforming FTTx Network Analysis

As fiber optic networks continue expanding globally, delivering ever-increasing bandwidth to consumers, broadband connection quality has become a sharp focus. Speed alone no longer satisfies users who expect seamless performance across myriad applications, from video streaming to online gaming. To meet these rising demands, service providers need smarter tools to analyze network traffic, identify problems swiftly, and ensure flawless quality of Experience (QoE).

ZTE WiFi‘s new CEM solution promises to transform monitoring and troubleshooting for FTTx networks. Purpose-built for next-generation O&M requirements with edge computing capabilities, it offers unparalleled visibility into customer experience metrics. Learn how this platform utilizes big data analytics, automation, and other innovations to optimize user satisfaction.

ZTE WiFi’s CEM Solution: A Game-Changer for FTTx Network Analysis

Legacy operations and maintenance approaches rely heavily on core network performance indicators like uptime or data throughput. While crucial for overall infrastructure health, these metrics reveal little about customers’ actual application experience, which involves complex external factors related to raw speed.

By comparison, the CEM solution specializes in assessing quality based on real-world usage and the unique demands of different services. Key capabilities include:

1. Granular service identification: The system recognizes over 18,000 individual traffic sources spanning critical categories like video streaming, gaming, instant messaging, and web conferencing. It extracts each service type’s specialized key quality indicators (KQIs) to enable precise diagnostics based on exact performance needs.

2. Intelligent benchmarking: The CEM solution quantifies the abstract concept of quality of Experience into objective metrics through advanced AI modeling. It analyzes interrelated factors from network conditions to human perception patterns using neural networks and long-term memory algorithms. This produces customer experience indicators that accurately gauge satisfaction.

3. Segment analysis: As traffic traverses the network, the system performs fine-grained tracing and performance monitoring for each segment including access links, home wiring, routing infrastructure, and application servers. This isolates the exact domain responsible for any issues, dramatically simplifying troubleshooting.

4. Third-party integration: The platform readily incorporates data from adjacent management systems across domains like network monitoring, service delivery, and customer support. This holistic view deeply enriches correlational analysis to identify the source of customer experience degradations.

This cutting-edge software and hardware combination delivers the industry’s most advanced awareness of subscriber QoE issues. The platform processes enormous datasets in real-time to provide continuous oversight, including historical trending. Automated tools also simplify low-QoE triage and root-cause investigation for operational teams.

With these next-generation capabilities, FTTx providers gain precise control over service quality from end to end. Therefore, ZTE WiFi‘s CEM solution promises to be a game-changer for user experience management in the future.

Driving a Complete Culture Shift with User-Centric O&M

While the CEM solution delivers immense monitoring and troubleshooting advantages, its impact exceeds technical capabilities. The platform also enables a sweeping shift in operational culture and priorities across the entire FTTx provider organization.

By spotlighting granular subscriber metrics as opposed to network indicators, ZTE WiFi’s offering helps reorient all infrastructure activity firmly around customer experience. Technical teams gain an uncompromising focus on real-world quality versus theoretical performance. Customer-facing staff also utilize concrete metrics tailored to user perceptions when managing expectations or developing promotions. 

This overhaul in mindset even transforms strategic decision-making through financial justification grounded in experience quality improvements rather than speeds and feeds. Every function thereby adopts a strictly user-centric approach from engineering to executive planning. 

Along with instilling this philosophical shift, the CEM solution provides the tangible tools to execute experience-driven operations successfully:

1. Rapid Issue Remediation – With precise trouble detection and guided diagnostics, operators resolve problems faster to minimize subscriber impact.

2. Surgical Infrastructure Upgrades – Advanced analytics quantify how specific enhancements translate into experience gains, enabling highly optimized investments.

3. Granular Benchmarking – Detailed metrics benchmark service quality across market segments, technologies, and other variables to inform planning.

4. Targeted Marketing – Objective quality metrics allow calibrated bonus offers and competitive positioning grounded in real-world advantages.  

Through cultural transformation and operational best practices, ZTE WiFi’s CEM solution empowers FTTx networks to achieve the next generation of customer satisfaction leadership.

How ZTE WiFi’s CEM Solution Enhances User Experience

Now that we’ve covered the platform’s key functionalities and benefits, let’s explore how it translates into tangible customer improvements. The overarching goal of CEM is not just to monitor quality levels but also to optimize them proactively.

ZTE WiFi achieves this through multiple methods:

1. Prompt Identification of Experience Issues: The system tracks individual user metrics around the clock, flagging any outages or degradations immediately for rapid response. Operators also gain insight into long-term fluctuations affecting particular apps, devices, or households.

2. Accelerated Root Cause Analysis: Granular performance data along each network segment and service pathway quickly isolate fault locations without lengthy troubleshooting. The platform pinpoints whether problems originate on the access infrastructure, home network, servers, or other domains.

3. Targeted Experience Boosting: With advanced awareness of infrastructure bottlenecks and customer behaviors, engineers can develop surgical solutions rather than blanket upgrades. Prioritizing efforts based on actual experience impact allows efficient use of limited budgets.

4. Strategic Investment Planning: Granular benchmarking quantifies capacity needs and returns on investment at different network points to inform planning. The solution models how enhancements translate into substantive QoE gains.

5. Customer-Centric Culture Alignment: The platform transforms organizational culture toward user experience from technical operations to marketing by spotlighting real-world subscriber metrics. Every function adopts experience-driven practices.

Along with driving these best practices, the CEM solution also helps operationalize a complete culture shift for FTTx providers – from network-centric to user-centric operations. Every activity, from provisioning to marketing, focuses squarely on customer experience, enabling next-generation service quality leadership.


As fiber connectivity becomes pivotal to work, education, and entertainment alike in the digital economy, expectations run higher for flawless broadband performance. ZTE WiFi’s CEM solution empowers operators to meet these demands through sophisticated monitoring tools purpose-built around real user requirements.

By spotlighting exactly how infrastructure changes translate into experience improvements, this platform delivers unprecedented precision for optimizing satisfaction. The solution also streamlines issue remediation with automated diagnostics and intelligence.

With the rise of 5G and other advanced use cases on the horizon, quality management will only grow more complex for FTTx networks. ZTE WiFi’s CEM offers the capabilities necessary to simplify this challenge and get ahead of customer needs through truly experience-centric operations. Its innovations promise to be genuinely transformative for next-generation broadband O&M as well as enduring user loyalty.

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