Four-Way Vehicle System: 65% Less Electricity, 50% Faster Implementation, Flexible Construction

For logistics companies, the digital upgrade of the supply chain is not about keeping up with the trend. It requires finding a warehousing solution provider who understands the logistics industry and has digital technology as the foundation. Based on the advantages of AI underlying technology, integrated software and hardware product system, and a dual wheel driven business team driven by technological innovation and industry experience, Hebei Woke has collaborated on more than 100 projects, covering sub sectors such as new energy, food, medical, e-commerce, automotive, 3C, intelligent manufacturing, semiconductors, footwear, and machinery manufacturing. As a new generation provider of smart logistics products and solutions, Hebei Woke Robotics, based on AI native algorithm capabilities and a one-stop robot platform, continues to create industry benchmark cases, providing efficient and intelligent warehousing and logistics solutions for many customers, helping physical enterprises to automate and digitize their warehouses and factories. 


Specifically, regarding logistics and warehousing, Hebei Woke hopes to provide solutions to warehouses through robot and automation technologies to help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency. At the product level, Hebei Woke is currently mainly focused on developing flexible tray solutions – the HEGERLS intelligent four-way vehicle system. The intelligent tray four-way vehicle system has always been a representative warehousing equipment of Hebei Woke in promoting the integration of software and hardware. 


Based on the design of “hardware standardization” and “software modularization”, Hebei Woke has created five unique advantages of the four-way vehicle system, which are “thin, fast, stable, safe, and ultra long endurance”. From the standard 1m x 1.2m tray to the 1.35m x 1.35m large tray size, it can be supported; In terms of commutation speed, the no-load commutation time is 2.5 seconds and the loaded commutation time is 3.5 seconds; In addition, it also has 6 obstacle avoidance lasers and is equipped with two types of batteries: lithium iron phosphate battery and lithium titanate battery; In terms of battery life, the HEGERLS four-way car has a battery capacity of 60Ah, a power consumption of 40W, and can work continuously for 8 hours after charging for 1 hour. It can also be configured and combined as needed to achieve flexible and flexible operation. It has unique advantages in terms of investment return ratio, delivery cycle, scalability, and site adaptability. There are also room temperature and cold storage versions available, and the cold storage version can support temperatures as low as minus 25 ℃. In addition, the HEGERLS four-way vehicle system can also be combined with other solutions such as AMR, palletizing robots, and visual inventory workstations to flexibly match and meet the needs of more innovative logistics automation scenarios. 


Building a full stack technology system with a new wave of AI

Currently, technologies and related applications represented by large models have sparked a new wave of development in artificial intelligence. The large model is a deterministic direction, with language, vision, and mechanical control as the core multimodal large model, which will also be a necessary path for AI to move towards generalization. Hebei Woke is currently actively embracing big models around the three dimensions of “technology oriented, product oriented, and scenario oriented”, and has been firmly investing and accumulating in the field of AI technology. Based on the earlier scientific research system in this industry, Hebei Woke has built a full stack technology system covering algorithms, systems, and hardware.

Recently, Hebei Woke has been gathering at “AI IN PHYSICAL”, combining AI technology with hardware carriers by constructing different forms of intelligent robot carriers, forming software hardware integrated products, and integrating them into physical industrial systems such as industry, manufacturing, and logistics to maximize the value of AI.

The HEGERLS software platform independently developed by Hebei Woke, when used in conjunction with the intelligent four-way vehicle system, can achieve group intelligence. This plan can maximize the utilization of warehouse storage space. In addition, based on different SKUs and storage arrangements, the algorithm will automatically recommend suitable storage locations when materials are received, allowing goods to be stored according to certain rules and avoiding congestion in later outbound operations, thereby improving efficiency; When leaving the warehouse, the algorithm will also recommend the optimal storage location, and provide the optimal storage location by calculating various factors such as distance, obstacle to tasks, and final orders; It can also achieve inventory visualization and easily view the status of any storage location through a graphical interface, with strong adaptability, high reliability, strong scalability, and high flexibility.

In addition, the HEGERLS software intelligent logistics operating system achieves efficient collaboration between multiple devices, data mining analysis, and decision-making through isomorphic simulation and AI scheduling optimization capabilities, as well as digitalization and intelligence of the entire process of project planning, simulation, implementation, and operation.

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