The Gentleman Racer’s Michael Satterfield Plans Adventure to Nicaragua in 2025

The Gentleman Racer’s founder, Michael Satterfield, has announced his latest adventure: an expedition-style road trip across Nicaragua in early 2025 to explore the country’s scenic landscapes and vibrant culture.

Michael’s lifelong passion for automotive adventure has led him on numerous journeys around the globe, taking his readers and social media followers along for the ride. Michael has traveled to some of the most exciting automotive destinations, from road-tripping across Europe in a Peugeot to exploring the best back roads in America in a McLaren. 

In his upcoming expedition, Michael plans to return to Nicaragua, where his work focused on reforestation, sustainable farming, and education earned him membership in New York’s legendary Explorer’s Club. Michael and his team plan to drive a one-of-a-kind vehicle deep into the heart of Nicaragua on a road trip with a purpose; the trip will focus on three key areas.

–  Documenting the drive from coast to coast across Nicaragua.
–  To return to map petroglyph sites discovered in the jungle on a previous trip.
–  Visit sustainable farming and school projects managed by charity partner Harvest Initiative. 

Accompanied by his team and armed with his passion for storytelling, Michael aims to capture the essence of Nicaragua through his unique perspective in a film that will document the adventure. His hope is to highlight the amazing work being done by Harvest Initiative and encourage more travelers to explore the amazing country.  

As part of this exciting adventure, the team at The Gentleman Racer (TGR) is working on outfitting a special expedition-focused vehicle, which will be unveiled at a later date. The vehicle will be purpose-built, with the plan being to ship the vehicle to Nicaragua for the trip and then drive it back to TGR HQ in Texas. 

“We have built a lot of vehicles over the years, but for this trip, we want to build something unique and fun. I think most people will be surprised at what we plan on taking across the largest country in Central America; it has to survive the streets of Managua and the rugged jungle of the Caribbean coast. It is going to be unexpected for sure,” said Michael Satterfield. 

The Gentleman Racer is a lifestyle brand that celebrates the gentleman driver, offering a unique perspective on cars, adventure, and motorsports. Instead of reporting from a distance, Michael and his team prefer to jump in both feet first; this trip is the perfect example of the kind of storytelling they love to do.

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