Wuwi makes it safer and more convenient for Americans to buy shipping containers

A successful e-commerce case worth studying

In the United States, due to the high cost of labor, building a storage room or temporary housing is very expensive, costing tens of thousands of dollars or more. However, if you buy a shipping container, it can be very cheap, only costing a few thousand dollars. And it’s sturdy and safe.

However, because the container is very heavy and the shipping cost is about US$600 to US$2,000, most sellers will require the buyer to pay an upfront payment, which is probably a few hundred or thousands of US dollars. This reason sounds very reasonable, but it is very unsafe. Once a seller gets their advance, they may disappear forever. Similar fraud cases have occurred many times.

In order not to be deceived, some buyers choose to deal in person. But in fact, in-person transactions often result in buyers paying more, due to travel time and the cost of renting a trailer.

There is a California company, Wuwi Inc., which successfully solved this problem, supports cash on delivery, and reduces the overall cost to a minimum. The buyer does not have to pay a penny until the container arrives at the buyer’s address. And this company supports delivery services in all 50 states across the United States. In addition, this company has logistics partners in every state in the United States, which reduces transportation costs to a minimum. It may only be 50%-70% of the ordinary market price. The logistics costs are also paid on delivery. Therefore, the entire transaction is very safe. Therefore, it can be seen that the share of containers delivered by wuwi inc in the US market has increased sharply.

Why can Wuwi Inc provide such great services? This is due to their use of advanced digital assistance systems and data analysis systems to digitally design the entire delivery process. The person in charge of wuwi said that these advantages come from wuwi’s own IT capabilities. The main part of wuwi’s global business is IT consulting services and artificial intelligence. These capabilities have been applied to traditional fields such as container transportation and photovoltaic power plant design, and have achieved good results.

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