Women Are Driving Innovation, Economic Growth in Life Sciences in America

With a focus on diversity and inclusivity, more women in America are driving transformative change and offering fresh perspectives to address global challenges. One particular woman in the life sciences industry is championing innovation to shape a brighter future for society.

In a world where heroes often go unnoticed, there are countless women who embody resilience and determination, quietly striving to overcome the toughest challenges. These unsung heroes focus on their goals with unwavering passion, challenging norms and pursuing their dreams despite the odds.

Yet, amidst the challenges of breaking into a leadership position within science, tech and innovation, women, especially Latino women, are making remarkable strides, reshaping landscapes and breaking barriers across these sectors. In the United States, only 25% of the top innovation firms are led by women. This also accounts for only 20% of Fortune 500 Chief Innovation Officers in 2018, and there’s a gender wage gap of 17% between men and women in STEM occupations. That said, only 2% of VC funding went to women-only founded startups in 2022. This need for stronger representation is positively and slowly shifting to a reality where women are increasingly assuming leadership roles, driving transformative innovation and economic growth. From Fortune 500 boardrooms to the dynamic fields of life sciences, women are leaving an indelible mark on America’s economic fabric.

Women are emerging as influential leaders, propelling diversity and inclusivity in corporate America. This shift is most visible amongst Latino women, who are making significant contributions to the life sciences, where investments drive economic growth and tackle global health challenges.

One case in particular that stands out as a representation of resilience and passion for innovation is Tatiana Canessa, the current Innovation Activation Marketer for Johnson & Johnson‘s innovation incubator in New York City – JLABS. Tatiana exemplifies the impact of Latino women’s leadership in bringing new perspectives and changes that support business goals. With a career trajectory spanning multiple industries, having started her career in Uruguay working on the agency side at InPulse Digital, handling social media strategies for entertainment giants such as E! Entertainment to the World Health Organization in Washington D.C., making her way to New York City, supporting the investment firm Juxtapose’s fintech endeavor: Dayforward with their Business Development and Partnerships efforts. Lastly, Tatiana has become a leader in innovation, strategy and activations within the health and life science space, having joined the Johnson & Johnson family in multiple capacities, supporting consumer health products and its sourcing for innovation efforts through their incubator. 

As a woman leader in innovation, Canessa knows the importance of fostering an ecosystem conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship, which can catalyze transformative breakthroughs that benefit society as a whole.

“Women pushing through into leadership roles is not just about representation. It’s about being able to bring a unique perspective, which, as women, we are subconsciously trained to see things from various angles, playing a mental chess game with every move we make. When you bring that into business and leadership, it can help bring everyone’s A-game and support business growth while fostering highly efficient and motivated teams. By breaking through these barriers, we not only pave the way for future generations but also foster environments where innovation thrives and all voices are heard,” shares Tatiana. 

Tatiana’s approach to innovation has redefined the industry landscape by departing from traditional norms. Leveraging her diverse background in digital marketing, content strategy, partnerships, and business development, she champions the growth of life science startups at JLABS @ NYC. 

The renowned marketer leverages her diverse set of skills to provide an omni-channel strategy to support the startup companies that are part of JLABS, including investor relations solutions,  curation of scientific and entrepreneurial programs, bringing together key opinion leaders and pioneers from various industries for insightful events to foster partnerships and relationship building within the life science ecosystem.  

With life science being a cornerstone of modern healthcare, there is a need to step up efforts in the advancements in medicine, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals. In a significant move to support JLABS companies, Canessa spearheads the National Investor & Partnering Day on May 2nd, hosted at the New York Genome Center. The event will draw over 200 investors and innovators, facilitating key partnering meetings to drive funding and support deal-making efforts. 

“Innovation requires gathering the right data that can lead us to find all those creative ways to stand out from the crowd and take our business goals to the next level,” shares Tatiana. 

Those who want to learn more about Tatiana Canessa or connect with this renowned Latina marketing and innovation leader may visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/tatianacanessa/.

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