Monica Marchett: Female Leadership in Nelore Genetic Improvement Highlights Brazilian Beef Consumption in the United States

As an awarded Brazilian cattle rancher drives genetic excellence in cattle and beef trade in the United States.

California – Apr 1, 2024 – In the global livestock scene, one name stands out as a pioneering influence in Nelore cattle genetic enhancement, driving not only Brazilian beef production but also Brazil’s position as a leader in exports to the United States. Awarded as the top Female Leadership at Nelore Fest 2023, a prestigious event promoted by the Brazilian Nelore Breeders Association (ACNB) and known as the “Oscar of Livestock,” Monica Marchett has decades of dedication and expertise in the field. Her achievement at this internationally recognized event highlights her significant contribution to advancing Nelore genetics, elevating not only the quality and productivity of the Brazilian herd but also solidifying the country as a reliable and competitive partner in the global beef market.

“Our dedication to advancing Nelore genetics not only enhances the quality of Brazilian beef but also reinforces our nation’s position as a leading exporter to the United States. Our contributions drive innovation and excellence in the global livestock industry,” said Vixus Marketing, the spokesperson for Monica Marchett premio.

The Nelore breed is one of the most important in the Brazilian livestock context, representing approximately 80% of the national herd. Recognized for its adaptability to tropical conditions and meat quality, Nelore plays a crucial role in Brazilian beef production. Originating from India, this breed was introduced to Brazil over a century ago and has since been improved to adapt to environmental conditions and market demands. It is characterized by its disease resistance, ability to gain weight on pasture, and high-quality meat with low fat content and marbling. Monica Marchett’s contribution to Nelore genetic improvement strengthens not only the breed itself but also the entire Brazilian livestock industry, ensuring more productive, healthy, and efficient animals. Monica Marchett was awarded as the top female Leadership at Nelore Fest 2023, a prestigious event promoted by the Brazilian Nelore Breeders Association (ACNB) and known as the “Oscar of Livestock.” Her dedication to Nelore genetic improvement has been crucial in raising the standards of quality and productivity of the Brazilian herd.

In the first nine months of 2023, Brazil set a record in beef production, reaching 6.39 million tons, a significant increase from the previous year. This growth is driven by excellence in genetic improvement led by Monica Marchett, which has contributed to making Brazil the leading supplier of beef to the United States.

In addition to record production, Brazil has gained international recognition for the excellence of its beef, especially in the United States. This recognition has resulted in the country becoming the main supplier of beef to the US. In 2022, Brazilian beef exports to the United States increased by an impressive 446%, totaling 168,000 tons. This significant growth is a reflection of the quality and reliability of Brazilian beef, which continues to gain ground in global markets. With growing demand, driven by strong demand from China and less fierce competition in the international market, forecasts for 2024 indicate that Brazilian beef exports to the United States are expected to reach 2.85 million tons, further consolidating Brazil’s position as a leader in supplying beef to the North American market.

As an inspiring and dedicated leader, Monica Marchett continues to make her mark on the global agricultural sector, promoting human development and economic progress through her tireless work and passion for livestock farming. Her legacy as one of the main voices in the industry is truly remarkable and inspiring.

In summary, Monica Marchett’s influence on the Brazilian agricultural market, her contribution to excellence in beef production, especially in the context of exports to the United States, and her leadership in Nelore genetic improvement elevate not only the livestock sector but also Brazil’s reputation as a reliable and competitive partner in the global beef market. For further information about Monica Marchett Agro, please visit

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