Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Britannia’s “Her Store” Welcomes The Banyan Tee

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Britannia's "Her Store" Welcomes The Banyan Tee

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India – April 01, 2024 – In a world where women’s entrepreneurship is gaining momentum, Britannia Industries has launched an initiative that not only celebrates but also supports and empowers female entrepreneurs. “Her Store,” a pioneering effort by Britannia, aims to provide a platform for women-led businesses to showcase their products and reach a wider audience. This Women’s Day, Britannia extended an invitation to “The Banyan Tee,” a fan merchandise brand co-founded by Anubha Saxena, marking a significant step towards inclusivity and diversity in the business world.

The Banyan Tee: A Decade of Fandom Inspired Innovation

The Banyan Tee, co-founded by Anubha Saxena and Nimish Shrivastava, is a testament to the power of passion and entrepreneurship. Over the past ten years, this brand has emerged as a beloved name among fans of music and TV shows worldwide. With a vast array of products that extend beyond the traditional t-shirt to include mugs, hoodies, posters, tumblers, mousepads, and bomber jackets, The Banyan Tee has successfully catered to the diverse needs of its fan base.

Operating with 13 fulfillment centers across the globe, The Banyan Tee has established a strong online presence on platforms like Amazon and Redbubble, among others. This global reach and the variety of fan merchandise offerings have positioned The Banyan Tee as a leading player in the niche market of fan-inspired goods.

Anubha Saxena: Breaking Barriers, One Venture at a Time

Anubha Saxena is an Indian entrepreneur and the founder behind the globally recognized lifestyle brand, “The Banyan Tee.” Celebrating a decade of innovation, The Banyan Tee has carved a niche in the market by catering to the diverse fandoms of its customers, with its presence now sprawling across 13 facilities worldwide. Anubha, an MBA graduate with a keen eye for unique business opportunities, has also founded “Fanverse” – an Amazon exclusive brand that enjoys international acclaim. Not stopping there, she ventured into the health-conscious market with an instant tea brand designed specifically for diet-conscious individuals and those managing diabetes, showcasing her ability to diversify and meet specific market needs. Anubha has also been awarded as the best woman entrepreneur by MP government in the year 2018.

An intersectional feminist and a writer at heart, Anubha Saxena holds the firm belief that women can achieve remarkable heights if they have faith in their capabilities. Her entrepreneurial journey is a testament to her belief in breaking barriers and creating spaces where women can thrive and lead.

Britannia’s “Her Store” and The Banyan Tee: A Partnership for Empowerment

The collaboration between Britannia’s “Her Store” and The Banyan Tee is more than just a business venture; it is a powerful statement on the importance of supporting and empowering women entrepreneurs. By featuring The Banyan Tee on “Her Store,” Britannia is not only helping to amplify the brand’s reach but also encouraging other women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

This partnership will be further promoted through Britannia Marigold packets, ensuring that the message of empowerment and the opportunity to support women-led businesses reach a broad audience. It’s a reminder that when companies like Britannia take concrete steps to support women entrepreneurs, they help create a more inclusive, diverse, and vibrant business landscape.

The inclusion of The Banyan Tee in Britannia’s “Her Store” is a significant milestone in the journey towards women’s empowerment in the entrepreneurial sector. It showcases the potential of collaboration between large corporations and women-led businesses to foster growth, diversity, and inclusivity. As The Banyan Tee continues to inspire fans worldwide with its innovative offerings, its partnership with “Her Store” stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for aspiring women entrepreneurs everywhere.

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