Brian Gregory Wins 2nd Place Nationally in the Alignable® Local Business Person Of The Year Contest, Beating Over 8 Million Alignable Members In Only 4 Weeks using The YES TEST™ Lead Generation Tool

Brian Gregory Wins 2nd Place Nationally in the Alignable® Local Business Person Of The Year Contest, Beating Over 8 Million Alignable Members In Only 4 Weeks using The YES TEST™ Lead Generation Tool

Said Gregory, “I went from zero to the #2 Nationally Ranked Local Business Person of the Year in only 4 WEEKS  using the YES TEST as a lead magnet. I ended up ahead of 8 MILLION Alignable® members, increased connections by 41% and sales over 50%.”
Brian Gregory, the CEO for ADMANITY® has won unprecedented second place honors in the 2024 Alignable Local Business Person Of The Year contest. Alignable® is one of the most popular business platforms in the USA and Canada with over 8 million members. Using the YES TEST™, a Free, 5-minute business analysis created by his company, he won more votes than any other member during the 4 weeks he participated in the 7-week contest, winning over 200 unsolicited testimonials in the same 4-week period.

Those who may find frustration when trying to increase brand awareness in today’s social media, networking events and business platforms should take heart that all it takes is a spirit of giving first, combined with a best-practices lead generation tool. 

Admittedly, prior to this victory, Brian Gregory, creator of the YES TEST, was a far cry from being any kind of leader on the Alignable® platform. As a result, he was taken by surprise when told he was winning his local contest. “When Chuck Casto, Alignable’s Head of Corporate Communications and News told me I was winning and asked what I was doing to create such rapid results, I was amazed as I had not yet heard of the contest.” Gregory had been simply giving The free YES TEST to people he met on the Alignable small business platform. They loved the test and its branding advice so well, they were voting for him in gratitude. 

Gregory quickly decided to compete beyond his local community and compete with the most successful Alignable® members across North America. “Once I realized I had a huge lead in my local area race, I decided to give the YES TEST to everyone I met, and using Alignable’s Premium membership and free Smart Connect networking, I met a lot more people very quickly,” said Gregory. 

The contest lasted 7 weeks, but by getting active late in the 4th week, Brian Gregory realized that time was against him. In addition, each vote must be given by other members who each have limited votes to give. Unlike other platforms whose algorithms and policies allow members to buy their influence, Alignable’s system remains pure at heart. People can’t buy their own votes and members don’t vote unless they know who they’re voting for. “That was the challenge for me. I was up against members who had been active and productive on Alignable for years, with much larger fanbases and over 50 times my connections, collectively. To win, I knew I was going to need a branding and marketing advantage,” stated Gregory. 

Brian Gregory generated reciprocity on Alignable® by giving the Free YES TEST™ away to everyone he met. The simple, 5-minute online test can analyze any brand on Earth and reveal the emotional strategies most likely to create increased business growth and revenues. An incredible 90% of those who were offered the free YES TEST™ took it – an amazing statistic for anyone knowledgeable in lead magnets or lead generation. 

Said Gregory, “I went from a standard, non-premium Alignable member to Alignable’s #2 Nationally Ranked Local Business Person of the Year in just 4 WEEKS  by using the YES TEST as a lead magnet, becoming a low-cost Premium member and participating in the Alignable Smart Connect Networking which is free. I simply used the tools Alignable provides, reached the top ahead of 8 MILLION Alignable members, increased my connections by 41% and our company sales over 50%. I don’t feel dramatic gains like this are possible on other platforms.”

Gregory’s company, ADMANITY® has a goal of giving The YES TEST™ away by the millions to help small businesses learn what works in their marketing and advertising. “I wish I could give The YES TEST™ to every single member of Alignable as a gesture of gratitude,” said Gregory.

About The YES TEST:

The YES TEST™ is the only brand analysis in the world that can examine any brand emotionally to determine the human emotions most likely to increase sales for the business. The algorithms for the test took 7 years to develop and are based on the most successful advertising formulas of all time because people buy on emotions, not on logic. An entire suite of products has been developed to compliment The YES TEST™ to help small businesses, agencies and business consultants, including the SALESMANITY™ Lead Generation System, YES PRESS™ Press Release Syndication System, The BRAND CANNON™ Email Marketing and Nurture System, The YESPAK™ Tool Kit Suite for small businesses and entrepreneurs and The PRO-PAK™ Suite of products for professional agencies and business consultants, among others. All products are owned, licensed and/or administered through ADMANITY® world headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. 

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