Eternal Echoes: Poems of Love, Passion, and Loss by Abe Sentonnian

Eternal Echoes: Poems of Love, Passion, and Loss by Abe Sentonnian

HOUSTON, TX – Discover the profound beauty of passion, death, and love in Abraham Sentonnian’s, “Poemas De Amor a Un Amor” (Spanish Edition).  The book is a compilation of evocative poems that span decades and traverse the emotional landscapes of love, sensuality, nature, and the profound mysteries of life. 

A seasoned wordsmith, Abe Sentonnian has delicately woven his poetic tapestry, immortalizing moments of love, tenderness, and passion shared with the woman who has graced his life, his wife whom he lost in 2007 from breast cancer. 

Written in Spanish-his poems unfold like a cosmic dance, celebrating the spirit of life and the realms of love and passion. His words touch the right strings in the heart evoke positive emotions and communicate a message artistically. If you are looking for ways to express your love for your wife, then share these beautiful love poems written by Abe Sentonnian.  

No gift is better than poetry for your loving wife, his collection also serves as a poignant reminder that life is a fleeting gift, a precious opportunity to be cherished and embraced fully. 

Have a glimpse into the sensuality of love and the nature of life. Get a copy of “Poemas De Amor a Un Amor” on Amazon.  

“Poemas De Amor a Un Amor”
By Abe Sentonnian 

Kindle | $3.99 

Paperback | $5.72 

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About the Author 

Abe Sentonnian was born in Córdoba, Argentina in 1939. He was a professional soccer player. He emigrated to the United States with his wife Hilda to continue his career. His poetic inspirations began after the death of his wife. He describes in his poems his love and passion for her and the pain of her early death —

I love you and want you.
I see you in the seas,
And up in the skies.
You illuminate me like the moon,
And you always live in my feelings. 

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