How to check the effect after digital printing?

With the development and wide application of digital printing technology, many customers who want to change the production mode into a modern digital printing machine or plan to buy a digital direct injection textile printing machine, nothing more than to worry about the effect of digital printing machine printing, an important indicator of product quality is naturally to see the fine line and penetration quality of its printing pattern. Then BYDI will share a set of rigorous and comprehensive methods to check whether the finished product after different printing processes has achieved the desired effect.  

  • Reference color
  • Check the basic color performance by printing the color block diagram, including whether the white is pure enough, the black is full, and the color is bright and rich in layers. Observe whether the saturation, brightness and contrast of the color are uniform, and whether there is a color deviation phenomenon.
Contrast color difference

Compare carefully with the original manuscript, pay attention to whether there are problems such as color difference of the original manuscript and color difference of the same batch. Original color difference refers to the color difference between the printing product and the design manuscript, and this gap should be reduced as much as possible to make it close to zero; The same batch color difference refers to the color consistency between the products in the same order.

  • Look & touch carefully

Print some small line patterns and observe the edges with the naked eye or magnifying tool to see if they are clear and free of rough edges. Digital printing should have a fine, sharp image edge, no blur or spread traces. Complex pattern details are one of the keys to testing the quality of prints, confirming that small patterns, gradient areas and complex textures are reproduced accurately. Touch the printing surface, feel the combination of printing ink and fabric, printing pattern should be smooth, not easy to fall off or wear.

The printing effect can be tested by the above method, and only when these elements meet certain standards can the digital printing machine be identified as a high-quality and efficient product. In addition, we want to further test other properties of the product such as: Color fastness to friction, color fastness to washing, etc. need to be printed according to their own samples and sent back for testing, in order to determine the quality of the printing machine, in order to further improve the pattern clear, bright color printing effect, naturally, BYDI’s after-sales training and maintenance courses, want to know more about the machine details please contact: Dee dee WA/VX: 18368802602 Email:

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