New book launched: Beauty in the Escape by Lena Nguyen

New book launched: Beauty in the Escape by Lena Nguyen

Being forced to leave your home and loved ones due to circumstances beyond your control can be a challenging and emotionally exhausting experience. It can be highly traumatic and can trigger a range of intense emotions, such as anxiety, depression, confusion, and a sense of not belonging anywhere.

Here, we look at a new book with a similar ground written by the recently emerging author Lena Nguyen, which highlights the survival journey of the author who dealt with numerous challenges and traumatic events as she had to escape leaving her home in Vietnam for a better future.

Beauty in the Escape” takes you into Lena’s journey as a little girl who matured over time and didn’t give up despite having a difficult journey full of obstacles and hardships. There were many firsts in this little girl’s life. She survived this journey with forty-three other souls. Lena took great inspiration from her grandmother and tried her best to mimic her. Leaving her grandma and her home in Vietnam was highly distressing for her. She journeyed alone with no idea of what lay ahead or someone to care for her at the age of twelve. Her escape started with a trip to the zoo. This deception was necessary to protect herself and the family she left behind. She had never been on a boat and faced such fear and potential death. She endured many emotional and near-tragic experiences for seven days at sea and ultimately two years beyond before reaching America. Many situations could have led to her death as they were fleeing an oppressive government, risking it all if caught. These are just some of the experiences she shares in this book. Despite all this, she learned many life lessons that still her Lena today.

Through this book, Lena Nguyen fulfills her wish to write a book about her experiences and share it with the world. Even though that period was traumatic, she had always drawn strength from it and wanted to share it with others. Surviving this escape made it clear to her that nothing left in life could defeat her. Lena Nguyen is a devoted mother who values spending quality time with her family. She is a dedicated cheerleader and soccer mom, always present to support her kids and their teammates, even while balancing a full-time job. As a passionate entrepreneur, Lena is the proud owner of a successful salon business and has achieved her American dream. Her love for tennis has brought her great success, including winning the Women’s Division K-Swiss Tournament and the Punta Gorda Club Women’s Tennis Tournament in Florida. Lena’s kindness and generosity are truly admirable, as she donates all her winnings to local charities that support children and breast cancer research for women. Lena actively volunteers with organizations that help those in need, utilizing her resources and time to make a positive impact. Her compassion and gratitude towards those who have helped her escape from Vietnam inspire her to give back to her community.

In the book “Beauty in the Escape” Lena has skillfully penned her survival journey along the chapters, which promises to keep readers captivated and engaged from the beginning to the end, experiencing many emotions that will leave them deeply moved. She aims to connect with readers personally on a deeper level through her masterpiece. The importance of optimism and resilience is highlighted, making it an excellent motivator for the readers, hoping to help every reader who can relate to her journey. It’s a compelling read that will enrich your understanding of the world around you and provide insight into what lies ahead in our ever-changing world. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience this masterpiece and add “Beauty in the Escape” to your reading list!

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