Share4you: New Instant Order Auto-Copy Service for Forex Traders Combines Profitability and Stability

E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc. brings new dimensions of accuracy, transparency and accessibility to “social trading” to enhance profit potential for both experienced and beginner Forex traders.

E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc., owner of the online Forex broker brand Forex4you (, announced the release of its new web-based social trading service called “Share4you”. Combining very high performance and trading flexibility, Share4you makes auto-copying of successful trades available to a wide range of traders. Experienced traders can create a leader account to allow others to copy their trading orders. Leaders can increase their own revenue by receiving part of the commission on successful trades. Other traders, for example beginners or those with less time to trade for themselves, can create a follower account and automatically copy the trades of a leader.

Max Lebedev, CEO of Share4you, said, “Forex trading has now become even more democratic, because traders can choose from the huge variety of strategies and flexibility in trading capital on the Share4you platform to successfully copy trades”. He added, “Share4you is also unique thanks to the statistically proven average slippage of less than 0.01 of pip achieved with our industry-leading technology”.

The Share4you service is designed with several priorities in mind.

Firstly, ease of use: with a few clicks, users can create their accounts and begin their activity as a leader or a follower, according to their trading experience. In addition, existing Forex4you users can use their accounts with Forex4you to immediately log into the Share4you website: the same account provides access to both online trading sites in this case.

Secondly, maximization of earnings for traders: followers can monitor leader performance and select the leader performance that gives them the best combination of profitability and stability. Stable and profitable order copying are enhanced by the possibility for followers to diversify by copying a number of different leaders. Followers can also close orders whenever they want, redefine their auto-copy settings or cease copying to move to fully manual mode.

About Share4you: the Share4you service is owned by E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc., founded over five years ago, and authorized and licensed by the Financial Services Commission (‘FSC’).

About Forex4you: Forex4you is a brand of E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc., a company registered in the British Virgin Islands (no: 1384287) in accordance with the Companies Act (Chapter 285) and International Business Companies Act (Chapter 291). The company exists to provide foreign exchange brokerage services on the Internet using electronic payment systems. The Company is authorized and regulated by the FSC under the Securities and Investment Business Act, 2010 License#: SIBA/L/12/1027

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