Penetration Testing Market Size, Share with Focus on Emerging Technologies, Top Countries Data, Top Key Players Update, and Forecast 2029

Penetration Testing Market Size, Share with Focus on Emerging Technologies, Top Countries Data, Top Key Players Update, and Forecast 2029

“Rapid7(US), Secureworks(US), Synopsys(US), Crowdstrike(US), IBM(US), Coalfire Labs(US), Indium Software(US), Cigniti Technologies(US), Trustwave(US), Cisco Systems(US), Fortinet(US), Bugcrowd(US), Invicti(US), Hackerone(US),Raxis(US), Rsi Security(US), Rhino Security Labs(US), Sciencesoft(US), Portswigger(US), Netraguard(US), Software Secured(Canada).”
Penetration Testing Market by Offering (Solution, Services), Type (Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Network Infrastructure, Social Engineering, Cloud), Organization Size, Deployment Mode, Vertical and Region – Global Forecast to 2029

The penetration testing market size is projected to grow from USD 1.7 billion in 2024 and reach USD 3.9 billion by 2029 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17.1% during the forecast period. The ever-evolving nature of cyber threats drives the expansion of the penetration testing market, especially in digital risk attacks. As cyberattacks become more frequent and sophisticated, organizations prioritize security measures to safeguard their systems. Penetration testing is gaining prominence, which helps identify vulnerabilities before they are exploited. This involves using software tools or manual testing by security experts to assess various aspects such as web applications, mobile apps, network infrastructure, social engineering tactics, and cloud systems. While large enterprises lead in adoption due to their complex IT setups and compliance needs, small and medium-sized businesses increasingly recognize its importance. Challenges like cost, shortage of skilled professionals, and the dynamic nature of cyber threats persist, but the future trends point towards integration with AI and ML for automation and enhanced threat detection, a heightened focus on cloud security, and a surge in compliance-driven testing due to stricter data privacy regulations.

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“By deployment mode, the cloud segment is expected to demonstrate the highest growth rate in the penetration testing market during the forecast period.”

Growth in the cloud-based penetration testing market is driven by businesses’ swift adoption of cloud services for flexibility, cost-efficiency, and remote work capabilities. This shift expands the potential targets for cyber threats, necessitating robust security measures. Cloud environments pose unique security challenges compared to traditional setups, demanding specialized testing methods. Cybercriminals increasingly target cloud platforms, intensifying the need for advanced testing approaches. Cloud-based penetration testing offers scalability, cost savings, automation, and remote access advantages, boosting appeal. Cloud solutions simplify compliance with regulations and address the shortage of skilled testers. The overall growth reflects the escalating reliance on cloud technologies and the crucial need for security.

“Based on organization size, the SMEs segment is projected to exhibit the highest growth rate at the highest CAGR during the forecast period.”

The Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are becoming more aware of cyber threats and their potential impact, prompting them to invest in cybersecurity measures. Penetration testing service providers offer cost-effective solutions tailored to SMEs’ needs, making cybersecurity more accessible. Regulatory mandates and limited in-house expertise further drive SMEs towards penetration testing services. Factors like rapid digitalization, evolving cyber threats, and the availability of managed security service providers are also contributing to the high growth rate in this segment, addressing SMEs’ increasing vulnerability and the need for robust cybersecurity solutions.

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Unique Features in the Penetration Testing Market

Penetration testing ensures thorough coverage of potential security risks and threats by providing specialised testing scenarios based on the unique requirements and vulnerabilities of each organisation.

Red team engagements, in which knowledgeable security experts imitate the actions of malevolent actors to find vulnerabilities in an organization’s defences, are a common component of penetration testing. This approach enables realistic and demanding security assessments.

In order to find security flaws in software and web applications that an attacker could exploit, penetration testing also involves application security testing, such as web application penetration testing (WAPT), mobile application testing, and API security testing.

To find flaws in network architecture and security measures, penetration testing entails vulnerability scans, configuration evaluations, and penetration testing of both internal and external networks.

To verify the efficacy of human security controls and security awareness training, penetration testing may include social engineering evaluations like phishing simulators, vishing (voice phishing), and physical security testing.

Major Highlights of the Penetration Testing Market

Because there is a dearth of qualified cybersecurity specialists, more companies are turning to outside vendors for penetration testing services, which is propelling the penetration testing market’s expansion and opening doors for specialised service providers.

The penetration testing market is expanding globally as more vendors offer services across various industries and regions to meet the various cybersecurity needs of businesses across the globe.

Penetration testing is seen as a crucial part of risk management plans, assisting companies in allocating resources wisely, prioritising security investments, and reducing the most serious security threats to their operations.

Businesses are looking for specialised penetration testing services, such IoT penetration testing, OT/ICS security testing, and red team engagements, that are catered to their industry verticals, compliance requirements, and particular use cases.

By automating security testing and integrating it into the software development lifecycle (SDLC), penetration testing is being merged into DevSecOps processes, facilitating the quicker detection and resolution of security vulnerabilities.

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Top Companies in the Penetration Testing Market

The major players in the penetration testing market are Rapid7(US), Secureworks(US), Synopsys(US), Crowdstrike(US), IBM(US), Coalfire Labs(US), Indium Software(US), Cigniti Technologies(US), Trustwave(US), Cisco Systems(US), Fortinet(US), Bugcrowd(US), Invicti(US), Hackerone(US),Raxis(US), Rsi Security(US), Rhino Security Labs(US), Sciencesoft(US), Portswigger(US), Netraguard(US), Software Secured(Canada), Vumentric Cybersecurity(Canada), Netitude(UK), Zimperium(US), Nowsecure(US), Security Metrics(US), NetSpi(US), Covertswarm(UK), Holm Security(Sweden), Intruder Systems(UK), Breachlock(US), Isecurion(India), Redbot Security(US). The market participants have employed diverse tactics, including creating cutting-edge products, collaborations, agreements, growth, and procurements, to fortify their standing in the penetration testing industry. By offering application performance and security, the organic and inorganic methods have assisted the market players in their global expansion.


Rapid7 occupies a notable position in the penetration testing market, providing a comprehensive range of services and tools to address cybersecurity needs. Their security specialists conduct manual penetration testing covering domains such as network infrastructure, applications, wireless networks, and social engineering tactics, delivering thorough assessments and remediation strategies. Alongside these services, Rapid7 offers the widely-used Metasploit Framework, an open-source platform for vulnerability assessment and exploit development, complemented by the advanced features of Metasploit Pro. Their strong brand recognition and industry expertise attract clients seeking robust security solutions. Rapid7 faces challenges from other market players, and the cost of services differs, posing challenges for smaller businesses. Rapid7 is bridging the gap between manual testing and automated solutions for organizations aiming to bolster their cybersecurity defenses.


Secureworks delivers specialized services such as ransomware attack simulation, social engineering assessment, specialized security testing, insider threat assessment, and post-penetration testing remediation tailored for sophisticated enterprise security needs. Their approach goes beyond mere vulnerability identification, aiming to replicate real-world attacker tactics such as simulating the entire attack kill chain, ransomware attacks, IoT/OT security testing, physical security assessments, and insider threat simulations. Leveraging insights from their Counter Threat Unit (CTU) research team, Secureworks integrates real-world threat intelligence into their testing methodologies, ensuring a more targeted approach reflective of the evolving threat landscape. Their strengths lie in their unique testing approach, integration of threat intelligence, and experienced team of penetration testers. Secureworks caters to a niche segment within the penetration testing market, providing specialized solutions such as physical security testing, IoT security testing, Installation of malware, simulating the attack kill-chain, privilege escalation, and advanced penetration testing for organizations seeking a deeper insight into their security risks and potential threats.


Synopsys holds a prominent position in the penetration testing market, mainly after it acquired Cigital, a renowned player in application security testing. Through this acquisition, Synopsys significantly strengthened its foothold in the market, particularly in web application, mobile application, API, and cloud penetration testing services. They also offer broader security assessment and training services. Synopsys stands out for its proactive approach to application security, focusing on embedding security throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and advocating for DevSecOps practices. The emphasis on preventive measures aligns with industry trends and addresses the growing need for security integration in development. Their strengths lie in the combined expertise gained from the Cigital acquisition, offering comprehensive solutions, and aligning with the DevSecOps paradigm. Their primary focus on application security might limit their penetration testing offerings compared to companies with broader testing portfolios. Through its Cigital acquisition, Synopsys has emerged as a leading provider of penetration testing services, emphasizing a proactive stance towards application security.

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