JXNTV unveils a documentary introducing the story of Daniel, an African student, who formed ‘Belt and Road’ band in China.

JXNTV unveils a documentary,”Daniel: Sing China to You”, It shows how an African student views China and the “the Belt and Road”.

Video link:https://youtu.be/sXTjZhp4wn8?si=0LU_jeOOOlhwUbOQ

In 2013, the proposal of BRI gained high attention from the international community. It also inspired a group of music-loving international students at Nanchang Hangkong University. Under the guidance of their teacher, they formed a band and named it ‘Belt and Road’.

Over the past decade, Daniel, one of the band members, has consistently expressed his observations, thoughts, and experiences in China through music, allowing more people to understand and appreciate China from his songs.

This video focuses on Dania, the lead singer of ‘Belt and Road’ band, singing about the ten-year transformation of BRI. From Asia to Africa, from Nanchang to Dar es Salaam, crossing mountains and rivers, it follows the construction progress of Jiangxi enterprises and the people of Zambia and Tanzania in Africa, unfolding a beautiful picture of mutual benefit and shared development in building BRI.

Daniel visits Tazara Train Station, the starting point of the Tanzania-Zambia Railway, and the Tanzanian Airport Express Bus Project, having discussions with the commander of the Chinese aid project at the airport about Tanzania’s future.

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