Five Tips on How To Get Rich: Vladimir Okhotnikov About the Secret of Success

In a new article Vladimir Okhotnikov of Floralia company, a financial analyst and expert in blockchain, shares his experience.

Vladimir states the fact of a decline in the purchasing power of the population of many developed countries, is caused by a reduction in the money supply due to rising interest rates. The expert points out that one of the best decisions in such difficult times is to choose a new life strategy, the goal of which is to increase our income.

Vladimir calls for a sober assessment of one’s own strengths, and only then relying on them and developing a plan for further action. This is how we understand that allies in the battle for success — are acquired knowledge, skills and abilities.

Vladimir Okhotnikov on how to get rid of fears and start making money

Nothing frightens a businessman more than a loss. However, no one can avoid unsuccessful investments: even the luckiest people lose many millions on individual transactions.

The article shows that the problem lies not so much in the loss of money, but in the lack of determination to change your lifestyle. Many of us in our youth and even adulthood are forced by our parents or all kinds of mentors to choose our appearance, profession, spouse, and lifestyle. Submission to such violence makes people nervous and vulnerable, the analyst concludes.

According to the presented opinion, getting rid of such imposed weakness is the task of anyone who wants to live a full life, which is unthinkable without financial independence. And it cannot be achieved without energy, determination to act and lack of fear.

Passive and active income

Speaking about the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches to investing, the author recalls Robert Kiyosaki with his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. According to him, success cannot be achieved without decisive actions:

Vladimir made his first investments in digital assets at the dawn of the Bitcoin era. At that time, few people had heard about blockchain. But the enthusiasm was overwhelming: after all, the new field of activity offered a lot of opportunities.

This case shows: no matter what happened, his admiration for the crypto industry and the world of virtual reality only grew. The result of his efforts were several projects that embodied his ideas about the ideal metaverse.

At the same time, Vladimir advises not to forget about caution, since investing is associated with the threat of losing money.

Time is against us

Vladimir doesn’t see the point of keeping all his money on deposit at a compound interest rate, so that later he can become a millionaire. In this he sees many risks. But the main loss is lost time.

Vladimir recalls that he himself once lost many years working in an office and relying on passive income. He considers the biography of Colonel Sanders, the legendary founder of KFC, to be a true success story. 

“Be like the Colonel: think boldly, don’t waste time, don’t miss a single opportunity. Invest… Swim against the current and you will succeed,” concluded Vladimir Okhotnikov.

Vladimir believes that metaverses are a financial niche that now offers unprecedented opportunities. There is no excitement in this market yet, no crowd. But this silence will not last long. Vladimir warns us about this and much more in his original article entitled “To Pay or Not to Pay: Vladimir Okhotnikov Analyzes Options for Accessing the Metaverse.”

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