First-of-its-kind Subscription Healthcare Service Provides Africans in the Diaspora Hope

Top Up Care provides prepaid healthcare services for loved ones in Africa, featuring cancer screenings and expert opinions from specialists in the US & Canada.

LOS ANGELES – Top Up Care, a pioneer in cross-border healthcare, announced its first clinic partnership in Liberia. As the rate of chronic disease and healthcare costs increase globally, working professionals who are financially responsible for the healthcare of loved ones abroad are placing a greater emphasis on choice and quality.

“We frequently engage with caregivers in the diaspora who are frustrated with the lack of transparency and options on how best to provide quality health care for their loved ones in Africa. We know that an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of the cure, so our goal is to offer families access to straightforward prevention-focused healthcare. Instead of blindly sending money through a money transfer service or bank, we designed our affordable care packages focusing on early detection of leading causes of death for our people,” said Top Up Care Co-founder and COO Mwenda Kazadi.

Top Up Care offers its members access to a network of top local private clinics and prevention screening focused on early detection of chronic diseases and cancer. When issues or questions arise, the service offers a first-of-its-kind eConsult service that allows general practitioners the ability to submit clinical questions and supporting material like images and lab results to a panel of top US-based specialists. Their panel covers a wide range of specialties including dermatology, endocrinology, obstetrics, gastroenterology, pulmonology, physical therapy, and behavioral health. Top Up Care’s focus on prevention and access to US-based specialists differentiates its subscription program from any other eHealth service serving Africa. According to a study of over 300,000 eConsults in the United States, 70% of eConsults avoid needing a referral to another doctor, and 80% improve a patient’s care plan¹.

“I am thrilled to partner with Top Up Care in Liberia. Wellness Partners Clinic was founded on the principle of integrated services to deliver the safest, most convenient, and most reliable health care in Liberia. We have the staff, training, and relationships to provide a truly comprehensive experience for patients in need, and partnering with Top Up Care is further expanding our networks with access to more international specialists through innovations in eConsults. We are building a unique model that will expand across the continent,” said Founder and CEO Dr. Nicole Cooper.

¹ – RubiconMD Whitepaper

About the Company

Founded in 2023, Top Up Care is Africa’s leader in concierge healthcare. Their mission is to establish Africa’s first cross-border managed care network focused on prevention healthcare and early detection. Skyrocketing rates of chronic disease, cancer, and avoidable deaths demand an equally aggressive response, and their founders are committed to leading the charge through their subscription service and provider coordination services. They are headquartered in Los Angeles with an office in Monrovia, Liberia.


Founded in 2021 by Dr. Nicole Cooper, Wellness Partners is an integrated network of medical facilities in Monrovia, Liberia, offering comprehensive healthcare adhering to international medical and safety standards. Their mission is to provide internationally recognized medical care that elevates the standard of health care and delivers superior patient health outcomes. They are located on Congo Town Back Rd, Behind The Ministry Of Health.

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