Zachary Pascarella – Owner of Wise Owl Concepts

Artist based in the United States

Zachary Pascarella, often referred to simply as “Pascarella,” was born on October 30, 1995, in the United States. From a young age, Zachary was recognized for his exceptional artistic talent, consistently excelling in various art contests and being celebrated as “artistically gifted.” His interest primarily gravitated toward street art, with his youthful days often spent creating graffiti on any surface he could find. In addition to his natural artistic prowess, Zachary demonstrated mechanical skills, enjoying construction with erector sets, K’nex, and building ramps for biking and skateboarding.

Zachary’s academic journey included attending high school in Tonawanda, NY, followed by enrollment in two separate community colleges in New York, where he initially pursued studies in architecture. However, after a period of reflection, he shifted his focus to mechanical engineering and transferred to the University at Buffalo to continue his studies. It was during his time at university that Zachary invented a transformative truck tailgate product, which led him to withdraw from school to embark on his entrepreneurial venture, initially called “Apex Tailgates.”

Struggling financially after investing all his savings and maxing out several credit cards to fund his production, Zachary’s breakthrough came when he created a Facebook marketplace ad for “Rustic Accent Walls,” made from old pallet wood. The overwhelming response the next day led to the founding of what would later be known as “Wise Owl Wood Co.,” now rebranded as “Wise Owl Concepts.” His business quickly evolved from producing rustic wood accent walls to more complex items like barn doors, bars, shuffleboard tables, chairs, and tables.

Some of Zachary’s most significant works include a variety of creative and innovative projects. “Think Differently,” completed in August 2020, featured a shuffleboard table and a matching door adorned with works from over 50 graffiti artists worldwide. This piece honored various global innovators like Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and Elon Musk. Another notable project, “Minerva Room,” involved a high-end conference room setup with a massive Parota wood table, completed in October 2020. Additionally, the “Saint Mosaic,” a large wall installation featuring the D’Youville sports teams’ logo, was completed in March 2023.

Zachary’s creative authority extended to designing a modernized pharmacy called “Vital Pharmacy,” incorporating biophilia walls and custom-carved panels, completed in April 2021. His work has also been showcased in prestigious venues, such as the Hamptons Art Fair in 2023, where he displayed several pieces alongside renowned artist Enrique Cabrera’s works.

Zachary continues to innovate and expand his portfolio, with his Oxide Collection introduced in November 2023, featuring items made from hand-patinated steel and tempered glass. This collection draws inspiration from a steel restaurant bar he built, demonstrating his ongoing commitment to evolving his artistic and engineering prowess.

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