Motha Electric Explains How to Properly Use Extension Cords

Motha Electric Explains How to Properly Use Extension Cords
Motha Electric is a top-rated electrical company. In a recent update, the company explained how to properly use extension cords.

Framingham, MA – In a website post, Motha Electric explained how to properly use extension cords.

The technicians asserted that it is important to use extension cords only as a short-term alternative. Misusing extension cords as a permanent wiring solution can lead to overloading and overheating. Instead, it is recommended to install additional outlets by an electrician Framingham to better accommodate the need for power. Leaving extension cords plugged in for extended periods increases the risk of damage and potential hazards. 

The electrician contractor Framingham said that it is crucial to match the extension cord with the power needs of the device being used. Using an extension cord with a lower amp rating than the device it is powering can cause overheating and potentially result in a fire. On the other hand, utilizing an extension cord with a higher amp rating than the device can handle can result in damage to the device’s motor or other components. 

The electrical contractor Framingham added that it is important not to overload an extension cord by plugging in multiple devices. Each extension cord has a maximum wattage capacity that should not be exceeded. Overloading an extension cord can result in overheating and lead to a potential fire hazard. If additional devices need to be plugged in, a power strip with an integrated circuit breaker is recommended to distribute the load evenly.

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