Dhorse shines and sets sail, breaking through innovative future

Over the past month, Dhorse has attracted a significant number of users through continuous online and offline roadshows. The Dhorse community has grown by 30,000 people, surpassing a total of 50,000. Additionally, Dhorse has secured numerous institutional partnerships and investments, including ChainUP and AC Capital, providing substantial support for its development.

Especially noteworthy was Dhorse’s recent presence at the Token2049 conference, showcasing significant momentum. As one of the world’s premier blockchain and cryptocurrency events, TOKEN2049 took place in Dubai, serving as one of Asia’s largest cryptocurrency and blockchain technology summits. TOKEN2049 brought together professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and enthusiasts from around the globe, providing a platform for exchange and collaboration.

As a groundbreaking AI project, Dhorse holds lofty ideals in driving the development of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries, representing the shared aspirations of all cryptocurrency professionals. At the conference, Dhorse exhibited its latest blockchain projects and technology, engaging in discussions with industry leaders and peers regarding collaboration opportunities.

During the presentation, Dhorse’s development concepts immediately caught the attention of several investment institutions, serving as a powerful catalyst for its ongoing development. With these investments, Dhorse has gained increased financial support to vigorously pursue technological research and community improvement.

In the five days following the conference, Dhorse achieved several breakthroughs in technology, enriching the entire AI ecosystem with greater intelligence and richness. Simultaneously, Dhorse’s visibility has surged, attracting a wave of new users to the community and enhancing its vibrancy. These developments ensure Dhorse’s continued smooth development in the future.

As cryptocurrency and blockchain technology continue to evolve, TOKEN2049 has become an essential event for global professionals. In the future, Dhorse will actively participate, collaborating with industry leaders and peers to explore the future direction of the industry, seek new partnership opportunities, and propel the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry to new heights.

Currently, Dhorse is upgrading the underlying logic of its AI through training, aiming to maintain a competitive edge in the AI field. In the future, Dhorse will apply AI to multiple domains, advancing global intelligence and jointly creating a bright future for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

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