Lucky Monkey Coffee Aims to Innovate Vietnamese Coffee to Save Calories and Time

Lucky Monkey Coffee offers a quirky, fun way to drink Vietnamese Coffee with its Vietnamese Coffee Concentrate and Condensed Coconut Milk Creamer Bundle

Vietnamese coffee has gained worldwide attention in recent years as numerous brands have gained traction in the industry. Lucky Monkey Coffee is a first-generation Asian beverage concentrate brand announcing its impending launch on May 6, 2024. The company takes a fun, quirkier approach to Vietnamese coffee, making it accessible for everyone to drink at home with simple all-in-one solutions.

“Our vision is to condense cultures and distill deliciousness. One teaspoon at a time,” Lucky Monkey Coffee founder Dave Dao said. “Starting with something near and dear to my heart: Vietnamese coffee.”

Lucky Monkey Coffee doesn’t require expensive machinery, specialized tools, or messy coffee grounds to create a delicious cup of Vietnamese coffee. Users only need a cup, water, a teaspoon, and Lucky Monkey Coffee’s 24x Vietnamese Coffee Concentrate. Made with 100% Vietnamese robusta beans and purified water, each teaspoon of the concentrate contains 74 mg of caffeine. Simply mix in a cup of six to eight ounces of hot or cold water. Then, finish the drink with the company’s sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, plant-based, 25-calorie per serving Condensed Coconut Milk Creamer to sip on liquid luck and indulge in a guilt-free cup.

As a proud first-generation Vietnamese-American and child of refugees, Lucky Monkey Coffee founder Dave Dao is passionate about bringing the flavors and stories of immigrants to doorsteps worldwide. He founded the company to embody that spirit, remove boundaries, and make gate-kept recipes for Vietnamese coffee available to everyone so they can enjoy their daily dose of liquid luck.

“Vietnamese coffee is on the rise. Other brands like Nguyen Coffee Supply, Trung Nguyen, and Copper Cow have created visibility into the category and products,” Dao said. “We believe our Vietnamese coffee bundle takes it a step further and makes it even easier for consumers to enjoy in their homes. No tools and everything is already done for you in a six-ounce glass bottle and creamer bag.”

Lucky Monkey Coffee takes a different approach to the at-home coffee routine. The company strives for affordability and accessibility while honoring traditions without being restricted by them. Dao said Lucky Monkey Coffee doesn’t cut corners with delivery, and he actively listens to his customers to provide what they want.

“We wanted to take a fun, quirkier approach to Vietnamese coffee. A lot of other brands have been great for category awareness, and they walked so we could run,” Dao said. “Our brand differentiates itself by taking a bit of a step away from tradition and leaning into the more quirky, unconventional, and fun side of coffee culture. Our launch video embodies our brand values of not taking ourselves too seriously.”

Visit the Lucky Monkey Coffee website to learn more about the company’s 24x Vietnamese Coffee Concentrate and Condensed Coconut Milk Creamer or to make a purchase. The company is offering a 15% discount for early backers at the May 6 launch for the first 30 days, and supporters have multiple tier options to support Lucky Monkey Coffee.

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