TycheTools Partners with DataRemote to Reduce Data Center Cooling Related Energy Expense

Tysons, VA – Apr 29, 2024 – TycheTools, a leader in data center smart wireless sensors and AI-powered cooling analytics, proudly announces a successful completion of trials in enterprise and large colocation facilities. This collaboration marks a significant milestone leveraging our technology to read the room, read the racks, and reap the rewards before procuring or replacing existing HVAC systems.

After careful evaluation, DataRemote, Inc. selected TycheTools as its data center analytics partner to monitor their server environment that efficiently supports the digital transformation of analog landlines using their POTS IN A BOX product.

“Modern deployments rely upon advanced mission-critical equipment in data centers. These powerful computing solutions require air-cooled systems to operate 24/7,” according to Cristina Chu, TycheTools’ CEO. “More than 40% of data center electricity consumption powers cooling.”

“This is the first time where the invisible environmental conditions inside our data center could be seen in a visual representation!” added Timor Brik, COO at DataRemote. “Towards the upper rack we saw warm air recirculating through the servers; just a few feet below, the air was overchilled and approaching the point of condensation. It amazed me how we could use the AI recommendations of the tool to achieve results that didn’t require costly new HVAC equipment,” according to an IT Director at DataRemote. In less than four weeks, the IT and Infrastructure teams had understandable, actionable data.

About TycheTools

TycheTools develops and implements AI-driven, predictive analytics solutions enabling data centers to operate more efficiently, meet increasingly complex sustainability regulations and prevent infrastructure failure. TycheTools’ products represent the only purpose-built solution designed specifically for the challenges of mission-critical data management, providing the means to monitor, report and predict issues at the source. Based in Virginia, TycheTools delivers a level of data and actionable intelligence previously unavailable in data center operations – eliminating the guesswork of resource management for good.  

To learn more about TycheTools, visit www.tychetoolsamericas.com

About DataRemote

Since 1991, DataRemote’s suite of cellular products offer a direct replacement for wireless POTS lines, supporting transmission of FAX, fire panel, burglar alarm, analog modem data, with full E-911 access for a complete digital transformation.

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