The Thinking Man’s Realtor: How Will Hazelwood Went from Academia to Real Estate

Ask anyone to picture a real estate agent, and prepare to be hit with a few stereotypes – someone who is flashy, loud and assertive the point of being aggressive. There are entirely too many negative (and in many cases, false) assumptions that people make about estate agents, which tends to cast them in a certain light. Will Hazelwood, who recently joined award-winning brokerage Luxury Property as a Private Client Advisor, is determined to defy that stereotype.  

Will focuses on leasing in the residential community of Arabian Ranches 2 and some of its outlying neighbourhoods. He is a thorough people person and loves working with the diversity of clients that he finds in a city like Dubai. Each interaction is a chance for him to learn something new and he is genuinely interested in the lives of his clients, making each transaction personal. Will holds trust in the highest regard as it is the key element of any relationship. One of the ways that he builds trust is through research, understanding not only the most relevant details of his community and the market, but also the most important details that matter to his clients. 

Research comes quite naturally to Will, whose background is in academia; after completing a degree in English Literature at the University of Leeds, he went on to work as a research advisor at Oxford. The world of academics held a strong appeal for Will, but he sought a role that would give him experience of a more practical nature. He joined his father’s investment company, where he tried his hand at marketing and leaned the basics of managing financial investment for clients. The job also helped him to build and strengthen his relationship-building skills. However, there was an essential component that Will found missing from the job.

“Finance can be quite a ‘cold’ space to work in,” he says of his change of heart. “My job was very customer-focused, but I spent most of my time dealing with assets and investments. I wanted to join an industry with a bit more warmth to it, where I would be making a significant impact in people’s lives.”

Real estate was the most obvious fit for Will – after all, buying or renting a home is one of the most important decisions that people can make in their lives. Working as a realtor, he wouldn’t just be helping clients find a property, he would be helping them to embark on new personal journeys.

He was especially drawn to Dubai as the fundamentals of the market are incredibly strong. But what drew him to Luxury Property? “It was the people,” he says. “When I was planning my move to Dubai, I was interviewing with a handful of real estate firms. However, when I met Mark Castley, his management team, and everyone else at Luxury Property, I understood the value the company really had to offer. It wasn’t just about making lots of money; there are so many opportunities for personal and professional growth as you regularly rub shoulders with the best in the business and get expert mentorship from your managers.”

Will’s biggest challenge in real estate has been finding a way to stand out from the crowd – the city is saturated with the sort of agents who give rise to the worst stereotypes. However, Will believes that his integrity, personal investment in clients, and research-oriented background will win people over in the long run. He aspires to be the go-to agent of Arabian Ranches 2 by the end of this year, for both sales and rentals. The first step? To build as many relationships as possible with homeowners in the community so they can see that he’s not ‘just another real estate agent’. 

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