P. Clauss Unveils Her Enthralling New Novel, “Time Stealers: Time Keeper’s Chronicles 1”

P. Clauss Unveils Her Enthralling New Novel, "Time Stealers: Time Keeper's Chronicles 1"
Author P. Clauss has unveiled her exciting new novel, “Time Stealers: Time Keeper’s Chronicles 1.” Drawing inspiration from the world of antique clocks and a blend of Steampunk elements, this unique novel explores the mysterious realm of Time Keepers and Time Wraiths. The novel is available now.

Best-selling author P. Clauss is thrilled to announce the launch of her latest work, “Time Stealers: Time Keeper’s Chronicles 1,” an unprecedented exploration of the world of Time Keepers and Time Wraiths that promises to captivate readers like never before.

P. Clauss, a well-known writer of published poetry, Christian devotionals, Children’s books, and Sci-Fi/Fantasy novels, brings her literary prowess to this unique novel. Drawing inspiration from a family joke at a regional NAWCC (National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors) chapter meeting in Houston, “Time Stealers: Time Keeper’s Chronicles 1” delves into the mysterious world of antique timekeeping devices. Clauss ingeniously weaves in themes of discovery, loyalty, bonding, and family, infused with elements of Steampunk and an exploration of the very fabric of time itself.

“Fresh!” “Original!” “Never seen before!” These testimonials perfectly encapsulate the uniqueness and freshness of Clauss’s newest creation.

Set in a world where shadowy beings rely on working mechanical mechanisms for existence, “Time Stealers” unravels an extraordinary tale of Time Keepers and Time Wraiths. The plot thickens as a woman emerges, who can not only see and interact with the wraiths but also reveals more about these alien beings. The impending clash with an evil Keeper, aiming to rule the world through time manipulation, adds intensity and suspense to this engrossing novel.

Clauss’s innovative storytelling has garnered accolades and attention both inside and outside the publishing industry. The novel’s intricate blend of antique clocks, steampunk aesthetics, and fantastical elements has created a buzz among readers, ensuring that “Time Stealers” is poised to become a must-read book of the year.

“I thoroughly enjoyed every page…” – Bethany, Amazon Reviewer

Embark on an unforgettable journey into the world of the Time Keepers and Time Wraiths. Don’t miss your chance to experience this extraordinary tale. “Time Stealers: Time Keeper’s Chronicles 1” is available on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About the Author

P. Clauss isn’t just an avid reader, aspiring novelist, and accidental poet – she’s a literary dynamo with a flair for diverse genres. From the mystical realms of Sci-Fi/Fantasy, with riveting series like “Time Keepers Chronicles” and “Cloud Riders Trilogy,” to whimsical Children’s books like “SnarlNsnorts and HissNpoots: Defending the Kingdom of Cats,” Clauss’s pen knows no bounds. Her soulful Christian devotionals, like “Morsels from the Father’s Table series” and heartfelt poems in “Songs from a Believing Heart” collection, resonate deeply with readers.

Beyond her captivating words, P. Clauss is the happily married wife of a “clock guy,” infusing her work with a love for time and its mysteries. As the proud mother of two adult children and a willing co-inhabitant with the family cats, she creates her literary magic from her home in the Dallas, Texas area. Whether she’s exploring alien worlds or the kingdom of cats, Clauss’s writing is an invitation to adventure, reflection, and discovery. Her world isn’t just about words; it’s about weaving tales that linger in the heart and mind.

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