Deep Shift Launch Next-Generation HR AI Induction Software for Growth Companies

Deep Shift is an innovative HR technology company redefining the way companies onboard new hires.

Deep Shift, a provider of human resource technology solutions, today announced the launch of its innovative HR AI induction software, designed to assist growing companies eliminate the complexities often associated with new hire training.

The corporate e-learning market represents a rapidly expanding segment in e-learning, forecasted to increase from $200b to $800b by 2030. Despite significant investment made by organisations today in learning and development (L&D), induction training for new hires on day one typically involves a traditional onboarding process which is manual, time-consuming and lacks personalisation. This leads to employee dissatisfaction and hinders productivity, with over 88% of new hires having a less than great onboarding experience. This can translate to higher turnover rates and have a negative impact on company culture. 

Deep Shift’s HR AI induction software addresses these challenges by offering a comprehensive and engaging new hire induction solution. The software leverages artificial intelligence to automate tasks, personalise learning experiences and provide data-driven insights to optimise and enhance the onboarding process. The software delivers against the increases demand for flexible learning, leverages advancements in technology and assists companies to rapidly develop their new hires skills.

New hires can now hit the ground running on day one, equipped with a deep understanding of company knowledge by conversing with AI-powered mentors who can answer new hire questions immediately. This significantly reduces the time it takes to navigate the intricacies of starting a new role, saving organisations valuable time and financial resources.

Using the power of storytelling and visual storytelling techniques, the software allows companies to effectively convey their culture, values, and objectives in a way that resonates with new hires. The software’s scalability ensures that the cinematic experience can be delivered consistently to all new hires, regardless of their location or department ensuring a unified onboarding experience for everyone.

“We are thrilled to launch our HR AI induction software and equip organisations to create a best-in-class onboarding experience,” said Mark Sutter, CEO and founder at Deep Shift. “The traditional induction training process is ready for disruption, and this AI-powered platform has the potential to significantly improve the experience for both companies and new hires. The software is designed to help businesses reduce onboarding costs and increase profitability via increased employee productivity, and foster a more positive and engaging company culture.” 

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