Deborah Saracini Debuted Her Children’s Book Ally Protects the La Jolla Seals at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

Inks & Bindings is excited to announce their next guest author at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books: esteemed children’s author Deborah Saracini. On April 20-21, 2024, her latest book, “Ally Protects the La Jolla Seals,” was featured in a book signing event, a touching children’s fiction book on wildlife conservation and environmental protection.

“Ally Protects the La Jolla Seals” is a book that familiarizes the young reader with an animated character of an enthusiastic and full-of-life girl, Ally, who discovers a playful seal pup during one of her beachgoing explorations. The encounter sets her on a passionate mission to save the seals of La Jolla from disturbances that come because of human activities. With vivid illustrations by Neethi Joseph and a narrative that combines emotion with education, Saracini’s book aims to empower its audience to advocate for the animal kingdom and their habitats.

Saracini, a long-time Docent Coordinator and Trainer for the Sierra Club Seal Society and La Jolla Friends of the Seals, brings authenticity and passion to her writing. Her personal experiences and advocacy work have significantly influenced the protection policies for the seals during their pupping season at Casa Beach, also known as Children’s Pool.

“The book is more than just a tale; it’s a call to action. It demonstrates to our children that they have the power to make a difference in this world,” Saracini said. The book received excellent reviews, with five stars on Amazon. Readers recommended it for its engaging story and potential in education.

During the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, the subsequent book signing wasn’t just an opportunity for her fans to meet Deborah Saracini one-on-one; it was a means of engaging with the book’s themes. Visitors took away the importance of environmental stewardship through the insights and experiences Saracini offered, providing an incredibly whole and invaluable experience for both the child and the adult visitor.

Apart from the signing event, Saracini also participated in a panel discussion about children’s literature and environmental education, thus providing further insight into how young literature can influence early awareness and actions toward wildlife conservation.

“Ally Protects the La Jolla Seals” is available at major booksellers, including Amazon, where it inspires new generations of environmental stewards. Readers can order copies at the event through Inks & Bindings’ website.

For more information about Deborah Saracini’s participation in the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, individuals can explore the festival’s official website and Inks & Bindings’ website.

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