Major Pest Control in Edmonton Releases Comprehensive Ant Control Services

Major Pest Control, a leading pest management provider in Edmonton, today introduced its tailored ant control solutions aimed at assisting homeowners with the prevention and elimination of ant infestations. The initiative underscores the company’s dedication to helping Edmonton residents maintain pest-free homes.

The team at Major Pest Control, headed by Associate Entomologist, Jun Bukht, offers expert advice and advanced solutions to combat ant infestations in residential settings. “Understanding the reasons behind ant infestations, and implementing effective prevention and removal strategies, are crucial in maintaining an ant-free home,” said Bukht.

Many Reasons Why Ants Invade Edmonton Homes

In Edmonton, fluctuating weather conditions prompt ants to seek food and shelter indoors. Bukht notes, “Typical entry points are cracks in walls, windows, or foundations. Once inside, ants are drawn to food particles and moisture.”

Proactive Steps to Prevent Ant Infestations

Major Pest Control advises homeowners to take several proactive measures to thwart ant invasions:

–  Seal Entry Points: Block potential entry points by sealing cracks around doors, windows, and foundations.

–  Maintain Cleanliness: Regularly clean the home, focusing on kitchens by wiping down surfaces and sweeping to remove food residues.

–  Secure Food Storage: Store food in tightly sealed containers and consistently dispose of trash in closed bins.

–  Address Moisture: Fix any leaks and eliminate standing water to remove moisture that attracts ants.

Actions to Eliminate Existing Ant Infestations

If ants are already present, Major Pest Control recommends the following steps:

–  Identify Ant Species: Different ants require different approaches. Identifying the species is crucial for effective treatment.

–  Intensify Entry Point Checks: Inspect and seal any new cracks or openings.

–  Enhance Food Security: Ensure all food crumbs and spills are cleaned promptly and garbage is managed effectively.

  Clean Trails: Erase scent trails left by ants with a vinegar-water solution.

–  Deploy Ant Baits: Use ant baits that are specific to the ant species at their home. These baits help in eliminating the queen and the colony.

–  Use Repellents: Apply natural repellents like diatomaceous earth or essential oils, or chemical repellents for more severe situations. Safety for pets and children should always be considered.

–  Professional Help: For persistent issues, contacting experienced pest control professionals is recommended.

“Our environmentally friendly products and innovative methods are designed not just to clear current infestations but to prevent future problems,” adds Bukht. Major Pest Control is committed to community education, offering online resources to help homeowners safeguard their homes against pests.

For more information on ant management services or to schedule an inspection, please visit Major Pest Control’s website or contact their office at 780-906-0911.

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