Launches New Online System That Helps People Dissolve Depression Themselves

Co-Founder, Tim Donovan, offers a permanent and cost-effective solution for depression that anyone can access.

According to a study published in 2020, the rate of depression-related symptoms among US adults tripled during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social media has amplified depression among young people, who have had a 56% increase in suicide over the last few years.

According to the World Health Organization, 76-85% of those who suffer from depression do not get adequate help. Many of the options for help are not only costly and time-intensive but often focus more on coping skills rather than genuine, long-term solutions.

Tim Donovan, an educator at The Inner Oasis, aims to help people eliminate depression for themselves with his unique, groundbreaking approach. “It will sound strange at first, but let’s consider fire for just a moment. Is there a cure for fire? It’s a question that sounds almost nonsensical, right? Because we all know that if you bring together the elements of fire–oxygen, fuel, and a heat source–you will get fire. We don’t need a cure for fire, because if we take away any one of the elements that produce it, the flame goes out almost instantly. Depression behaves in the exact same way. Withdraw any one of the elements that are producing depression and it begins to fade away.”

In his course, Dissolving Depression, Donovan teaches people first how to identify and understand the elements that produce depression, then how to remove them.

Donovan explains, “We’re born into this life with a sense of wonder, humor, and happiness, right from the very start. But these extraordinary gifts get buried beneath a subtle process of profound misunderstanding. As this happens, we find our lives getting smaller and smaller, while feelings of sadness, anger, stress, anxiety, and depression, grow stronger and stronger. The simple fact is, we live in a world where very few people understand what this life of ours is really all about, let alone the subtle psychological dynamics that lead to depression.”

“Fortunately, it can all be cleared away through persistent and patient self-investigation. As this process unfolds, our natural states of joy and contentment re-emerge naturally,” explains Donovan.

The program’s approach is both unique and intriguing. You won’t hear much about pills, nutrition, coping mechanisms, or drudging up childhood traumas. “While these and other factors can certainly exacerbate matters–and at times even receive dedicated attention within the program–the all-important self-insights that finally dissolve depression operate almost entirely independent of these elements,” says Donovan.

At the same time, Donovan is quick to point out that this program isn’t a quest to eradicate depression instantly. “One need not take an aggressive, heavy-handed approach toward feelings of depression. In fact, every time you attempt to mow down those dark feelings–whether by brute-forcing a positive mental outlook or by adding some new distraction to your life–the seeds of those feelings simply scatter and re-seed themselves, resulting in the inevitable return of those painful feelings,” explains Donovan.

The Dissolving Depression course is an in-depth, 90-day course with a collection of testimonials to back it up. More information can be found at

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