Two New Volumes Shed Light on Historical Atrocities through Poetic Monologues

NWP Publishing has released “The Mole Vol XIII: In the Olive Grove (Book I)” and “The Mole Vol XIV: In the Olive Grove (Book II),” authored by Ron Raye, which use poetic monologues to explore historical atrocities committed against Palestinian communities. The books are divided into sections that deeply delve into various tragic events during British Mandatory Palestine, bringing the voices of the deceased to life to recount their experiences of love, hope, and despair.

NWP Publishing is proud to announce the release of “The Mole Vol XIII: In the Olive Grove (Book I)” and “The Mole Vol XIV: In the Olive Grove (Book II),” two compelling new books by acclaimed author Ron Raye. These works continue the impactful narrative style that Raye is renowned for, blending historical insight with poignant poetry.

These volumes present a unique literary form — monologues recorded from the spirits of those who perished in the tragedies inflicted upon Palestinian communities by the Haganah during the tumultuous period of British Mandatory Palestine. Each book is thoughtfully divided into sections that chronicle the different phases of this historical narrative, including the Declaration of Israel as a State, The Theft, Kafr Qassim Massacre, Violent Displacement, and The Right of Return.

Ron Raye, a CerHE graduate from the University of Oxford, Kellogg College, uses his distinct voice to channel the memories and emotions of the deceased, crafting a narrative that resonates deeply with themes of love, hope, despair, and the enduring human spirit. These voices from the past serve not only as a reminder of the events but also as a call to acknowledge and learn from the atrocities to foster peace and understanding.

“The Mole Vol XIII: In the Olive Grove (Book I)” sets the stage with narratives that lay bare the consequences of historical conflicts and the personal losses that followed. The continuation, “The Mole Vol XIV: In the Olive Grove (Book II),” goes deeper, with a special focus on the 1948 tragedy in Deir Yassin, vividly recounted through the experiences of Abdullah, a survivor, whose personal story of loss and resilience is both heartbreaking and inspiring.

These books provide a profound exploration of the psychological impacts and the cyclical nature of violence. They underscore the destruction of homes, the devastating loss of lives, and the unyielding impact on survivors. Ron Raye’s narrative prowess is highlighted by the Literary Titan’s book review, praising his ability to “transport readers into the heart of historical moments” with his vivid imagery and empathetic portrayal of human experiences.

“The Mole Vol XIII” and “The Mole Vol XIV” are essential reads for anyone interested in the power of poetry to explore complex themes of history, war, and human resilience. They offer a window into the past with the hope of guiding us towards a more peaceful future.

The books are available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About the Author

Ron Raye is an acclaimed poet and author renowned for his evocative narrative style and engagement with historical themes. A graduate of the University of Oxford’s Kellogg College, Ron holds a Certificate of Higher Education in Creative Writing, an accolade that speaks to his rigorous academic grounding and creative excellence.

Throughout his career, Ron has earned multiple accolades, including the esteemed Literary Titan Book Award. His body of work encompasses several highly regarded fiction and poetry books, each marked by a deep thematic focus on historical events and their lingering impact on human lives.

Currently residing in Fukuoka, Japan, Ron is deeply involved in the literary community, continuously exploring the intersections of history, tragedy, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Ron’s writing is characterized by its lyrical intensity and ability to illuminate the past, making it relevant and resonant for contemporary readers. His works invite reflection, challenge perceptions, and inspire a deeper understanding of the complexities of human nature and history.

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