Polytex Releases its New Textile Management Solution for Healthcare, Hospitality and Industrial Environments

Polytex Technologies, a global leader in workwear management solutions, today announced the launch of its newest product line: the Polytex Textile Management Solution, a fully automated system, utilizing UHF RFID technology, for all types of flat linens, including bedsheets and towels, as well as uniforms and aprons.

Healthcare, hospitality, and industrial companies face escalating demands to optimize textile management practices. Conventional manual approaches face many challenges, such as misplaced items and difficulty in tracking high-value textiles, resulting in high replacement expenses and operational inefficiencies. In addition to the strain on budgets, reliance on outdated methods poses hygiene risks in healthcare environments. To address these challenges effectively, organizations handling substantial textile volumes must transition towards automated solutions to enhance inventory control and mitigate associated risks. Enter Polytex’s innovative Textile Management solution, designed to comprehensively address these challenges and streamline processes across the textile management lifecycle.

With the addition of this new product line, Polytex now offers a broad portfolio of automated solutions spanning workwear and textile management. All of Polytex solutions leverage the same powerful software, enabling comprehensive management across all textile-based inventories, from linens to uniforms.

Redefining Industry Standards

Polytex’s new Textile Management solution introduces a paradigm shift in the way organizations handle and optimize their entire textile inventory. Leveraging UHF RFID technology to keep track of textiles, the solution offers a comprehensive, fully automated system that ensures accurate and reliable inventory control, reducing costs and boosting overall hygiene. The full solution, consisting of doorway, handheld and table top scanners, cart readers, dispensing and collection machines, smart storage cabinets, and cloud-based Polytex Total Care Manager management software, automates the whole textile management process, providing managers with real-time data for every individual item, alongside automated features, 24/7 availability, real-time tracking, and hygiene compliance. Organizations can now adopt a hassle-free, hands-off approach to textile management, meeting the highest hygiene standards and preventing inventory data errors and inconsistencies.

With their support for UHF-RFID tagged textile items, Polytex’s solutions can generate real-time data at every stage of the textile and workwear tracking lifecycles. Using UHF-RFID tags, the system records hundreds of textile items sent to laundry services, ensuring accurate billing and reducing theft and loss during the laundry process. By providing transparency between the laundry and the end client, Polytex solutions reduce arguments and increase service levels.

“Our new Textile Management solution represents a natural expansion of the Polytex offering, driven in part by feedback from our loyal customers who already utilize our automated workwear management solution, coupled with our extensive market insights,” stated Yariv Matzliach, CEO of Polytex. “Leveraging our field-proven Polytex approach and technologies, we are proud to introduce a comprehensive solution that seamlessly manages all textile operations, delivering amplified advantages in sustainability, operational efficiency, cost savings, hygiene standards, and more.”

Breaking Barriers Wherever Textiles Are Used

Polytex’s Textile Management Solution provides significant value across diverse critical sectors. Specifically, in healthcare, where strict adherence to hygiene standards is essential, Polytex solutions play a crucial role. They effectively mitigate contamination risks associated with soiled towels and bed linen and minimize wear and tear as well as damage. They also contribute to upholding and exceeding hygiene benchmarks through meticulous recording of item usage and cleaning schedules, predicting end-of-life dates, and optimizing future purchases and inventory levels.

In the hospitality sector, where flawless operations are essential for guest satisfaction, Polytex’s Textile Management system redefines the way linens and uniforms are managed. The solution guarantees a constant supply of clean textiles, preventing disruptions, reducing costs, and elevating the overall guest experience. Likewise, Polytex helps ensure hotel staff look smartly dressed and confident during all guest interactions.

Polytex’s textile management solution systematically mitigates the negative impact of daily workwear and textile operations on society, the environment, and the economy through compact footprint design, meticulous usage tracking, and non-personal distribution methods. With adaptable debit-credit controls and sustainable advantages such as quieter operation, accelerated installation processes, and diminished energy consumption, businesses can optimize their long-term sustainability efforts.

About Polytex

Polytex Technologies, founded in 2003, is a leading global provider of workwear and textile management solutions. The company specializes in offering automated uniform management systems, including workwear dispensing and return units and flat linen management solutions that are tightly integrated with cloud-based management systems with advanced software functionalities. With a track record of over 5,000 installations worldwide, Polytex drives digital transformation across diverse industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, and fitness centers, by optimizing workwear and textile management processes.

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